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EMNRD General Counsel

Mr. Brancard has served as General Counsel of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department since 2010. From 2003 to 2010, he served as the Director of the Mining and Minerals Division in the Department. He has also worked as an Assistant Land Commissioner and an Assistant Attorney General for the State of New Mexico as well as practicing law with the firm of Sutin, Thayer & Browne in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Mr. Brancard is a graduate of Hamilton College (1979) and Harvard Law School (1987) and attended the London School of Economics. Brancard has served as Chair of the New Mexico Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board and as Chair of two State Bar Sections: Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law and Public Law. He was also elected to the governing council of the ABA Government and Public Lawyers Division.

The Office of General Counsel provides policy guidance, legal advice and representation to the Cabinet Secretary and Division Directors. This includes legal advocacy and representation of the Department in both administrative and judicial proceedings and the development of legal strategies that further the Department's mission and goals. The Office of General Counsel regularly interacts with other agency attorneys including the Attorney General's office and attorneys representing entities regulated by the Department to negotiate, or litigate if necessary, the resolution of legal disputes to support the Department's goals. The attorneys within the Office of General Counsel are responsible for reviewing the contractual commitments entered into by the Department each year and assisting divisions with personnel matters, including providing advice and direction on disciplinary actions and representing the department in State Personnel Office hearings.

The Office of General Counsel also spearheads the Department ’s bill analysis process by drafting clear, concise proposed legislation on matters affecting the Department for the Cabinet Secretary and Division Directors and helps oversee a team of approximately 40 people who review proposed legislation and its effect on the Department.

Bill Brancard, General Counsel, 505-476-3200, bill.brancard@state.nm.us

Cheryl Bada, Deputy General Counsel, 505-476-3214, cheryl.bada@state.nm.us

Susan Sita, Attorney, 505-476-3216, susan.sita@state.nm.us

Gabriel Wade, Attorney, 505-476-3451, gabriel.wade@state.nm.us

Keith Herrmann, Attorney, 505-476-3463, keith.herrmann@state.nm.us

David Brooks, Attorney, 505-476-3415, davidk.brooks@state.nm.us

Denise Zendel, Contracts Analyst, 505-476-3215, dzendel@state.nm.us

Brittany Dutton, Paralegal, 505-476-3211, brittany.dutton2@state.nm.us

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