Hybrid, Plug-in & Electric Vehicles

Hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs), commonly known as “hybrids,” combine the internal combustion engine of a conventional vehicle with the battery and electric motor of an electric vehicle. This combination offers the extended range and rapid refueling that consumers expect from a conventional vehicle, with some of the energy and environmental benefits of an electric vehicle. The battery in an HEV is charged through regenerative braking and by the internal combustion engine—the vehicle is not plugged in to charge.

Dual Electric VehiclesPlug-in hybrid-electric vehicles (PHEVs) are also powered by an internal combustion engine that can run on conventional fuel and an electric motor that uses energy stored in a battery. The differences between an HEV and a PHEV are that the PHEV can be plugged into an electric power source (such as the grid) to charge the batteries, which are generally larger in PHEVs than HEVs. Larger battery packs in PHEVs make it possible to drive longer distances in all-electric mode (generally up to 40 miles).

Electric vehicles (EVs) do not have an internal combustion engine and use a battery to store electric energy that powers a motor. EV batteries are charged by plugging the vehicle into an electric power source such as the grid. EVs usually have smaller ranges than HEVs and PHEVs. EVs, however, have no tailpipe emissions, though the generation source that powers the vehicle may have produced emissions to make the electricity.

EV Charging Infrastructure in ABQThe practical benefits of all types of hybrid and electric vehicles include improved fuel economy and lower emissions compared to conventional vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging in New Mexico
In New Mexico, PHEV and EV drivers have access to a number of public charging stations, which are primarily located in the greater Albuquerque metropolitan area and Santa Fe. To locate an electric vehicle charging station, visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator or Plug Share.

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