Residential NM Solar Tax Credit Has Ended on December 31, 2016
Tax Forms for Filing
Solar Market Development Income Tax Credit Claim Form RPD 41317 (Revision 07/15/2015)
2015 PIT CR - Nonrefundable Credit Reporting
2016 PIT CR - Nonrefundable Credit Reporting
Solar Federal Form 5695 - Residential Energy Credits


Sustainable Building Tax Credit

SBTC Information
SBTC Request Form - Commercial
(revised 5/21/13)

SBTC Application Form - Commercial (revised 5/21/13)

New SBTC Application Form – Residential (revised December 19, 2016) (Document will Download)

RPD 41382 Tax Credit Approval Form
RPD 41382 Instructions

RPD 41383  Tax Credit Claim Form
RPD 41383 Instructions
RPD 41384  Transfer Form
RPD 41384  Instructions

Ground-source Heat Pump Tax Credit - Residential and Commercial

Geothermal Tax Credit Information
Certification Application (Form 1)
  (Form 1 and Form 2 will Download)

Installation Form (Form 2)

Corporate Income Tax Rule

Personal Income Tax Rule

Tax Credit Claim Form RPD-41346

Biodiesel Facilities Tax Credit
Tax Credit Information
Biodiesel Blending Facility Certificate of Eligibility
 (Document will Download)
Agricultural Biomass Tax Credit

Application for Certificate of Transportation - Form 8
Datasheet - Form 9

Tax Forms for Filing
Instructions Form RPD-41362-Ins (Revision 10/22/2014)
Claim Form RPD-41361 (Revision 10/22/2014)

New Mexico Energy Conservation Code 2009

Residential Applications Manual

Trade-off Worksheet     (Worksheets will Download)

Passive Solar Heating Worksheet

Weighted-average Windows Worksheet

New Mexico Climate Zones

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