Goal and Strategy Documentation


Goal 1: Advance strategies to strengthen New Mexico’s overall energy economy by 2027
1.a 1.b
Econ Growth
Reg Survey draft 2
Reg Survey draft 1

Tax Programs
Discussion 6/5/18
Discusssion 5/15/18

Energy Tax Credit Map

NM Energy and Jobs Report - 2017
Labor Market Review - June 2018
Goal 2: Evaluate the future of RPS, renewable energy incentives, and complimentary rulings and polcies by 2020.

NM RPS Analysis Dec 2018

2.c 2.d
Goal 3: Develop a profitable produced water market by 2025

May 2018 Meeting Notes
March 2018 Meeting Notes
Beneficial Use Questions

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Goal 4: Pursue emergining energy technologies through research, demonstration, development and deployment

4.a Hyde Park Microgrid

Hyde Park Energy Efficiency Measures

LANL Pumped Hydo Report

4.b 4.c 4.d 4.e 4.f  
Goal 5: Optimize New Mexico's eletricity transmission system

5.a 2018 Transmission Study Summary

5.b 5.c
Goal 6: Increase the state's permitted natural gas processing capacity by 15% by 2027
6.a 6.b 6.c
Goal 7: Reduce vented and flared gas emissions by 50% by 2027 by incentivizing operators
7.a 7.b

Goal 8: Increase the use of alternative fuel vehicles in NM to 15% by 2027

8.a 8.b 8.c 8.d 8.e

REVWest slides
Loan Program Slides Nov 2018

Goal 9: Reduce single occupancy vehicle miles traveled by 15% by 2027
9.a 9.b 9.c 9.d 9.e    
Goal 10: Reduce emissions from mobile sources by 10% by 2027
10.a 10.b 10.c
Goal 11: Rank in the top 20 states for energy efficiency by 2027
CIC hearing energy codes
CID TAC April 2018 Meeting
11.b 11.c


SB 136
NM EE Fact Sheet

Goal 12: Measurably increase energy efficient behaviours by New Mexicans by 2027

12.b  Energy Use Survey 2018 New Mexico State Fair

Conference on Aging Energy Quiz 2019

Goal 13: By 2020, better align education and training programs at New Mexico's two- and four-year colleges with current and future workforce needs
13.a 13.b 13.c 13.d 13.e 13.f 13.g
Goal 14: Through a public-private partnership, create energy career outreach proram that reaches 15,000 students annually
14.a 14.b 14.c 14.d 14.e 14.f SM024  
Goals 15: Remove barriers for New Mexico students to enter energy training programs
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