Government Lead by Example: State Government

State government energy management reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy consumption in state facilities and fleets, and helps to control operational costs. Energy savings are achieved primarily through:

• Energy management teams established within each state agency;
• Development and implementation of agency energy management plans; and
• Agency policies and employee awareness for vehicle use and building management.

Technical assistance and information provided by ECMD are important parts of supporting the state agencies' efforts in energy management.

All government facilities in New Mexico have been ordered to set an example for the private sector and the general public for reducing GHG emissions, improved energy efficiency, increased utilization of renewable energy sources, and low-embodied energy construction materials. All levels of government should take part, whether it is agencies following through on their respective existing executive orders or municipalities serving urban or rural populations. All together, these efforts help protect the environment and create economic development in New Mexico.

In August 2007 the Clean Energy Development Council (CEDC) approved a Lead by Example document – Recommendations for Modifying Procurement Processes to Comply with Sustainable State Building Performance Standards. ECMD authored the document, with support from fellow members of the Climate Change Implementation Team: General Services Department (GSD), Regulation and Licensing, Environment, Higher Education, Public School Facilities Authority, and Transportation. A total of eight policy recommendations addressing building energy usage were described. ECMD and GSD are continuing to implement the policy recommendations set forth in this document.

This table of performance standards for state buildings succinctly shows the energy reduction and ratings that new construction and renovations must achieve.

State of New Mexico Building Performance Standards, Executive Branch Agencies
Building Construction Category Building design meets at least one of these two conditions Performance Standards
Floor Area Peak Electrical Demand Minimum energy reduction for USDOE building type USGBC LEED Rating
(square feet) (kW) (%)
Major new construction > 15,000 > 50 50 Silver
Major renovations * > 15,000 > 50 50 Silver
New construction and renovation projects > 5,000 up to 15,000 --- 50 ---
Minor new construction, renovation, repair, and replacement Building meets both of these conditions Cost-effective energy efficient green building practices to maximum extent possible
< 5,000 < 50
* Major renovation projects shall include an upgrade or replacement of at least two of the three major systems (HVAC, lighting, plumbing) or, if fewer than two systems are included, the project shall be considered a minor renovation.
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