Renewable Energy: Why Use Geothermal Energy?

Mark in the Bibeaults' ground source heat pump utility room - Mark and Gina Bibeault, Abiquiu, NM
In areas where natural gas is unavailable, home owners and businesses find that ground source heat pumps provide economical domestic hot water, and comfortable space heating and cooling.

“We constructed our new home near Abiquiu, where only expensive propane for heating and electricity for cooling are available. Our investment in an efficient geothermal heat pump system provides us with both heating and cooling capabilities year round. The high efficiency renewable energy system we installed requires minimal maintenance and will pay for itself in approximately ten years.”

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Harvesting roses at a Masson Farms geothermal greenhouse - Alex Masson, Masson Farms, Radium Springs, NM
I n many locations in New Mexico, geothermal energy is cost-effective for heating large spaces such as greenhouses. New Mexico leads the nation in acres of geothermally-heated commercial greenhouses.

“We have 16 acres of greenhouses growing blooming plants. A direct use geothermal system supplies all the heat we need to run the operation year round. Our operation is experiencing substantial savings over propane or natural gas, and presents an example of what can be done with this renewable resource.”

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Geothermal power plant, Salton Sea geothermal resource - Jim Witcher, Witcher and Associates
Geothermal resources provide one of the cleanest and most dependable sources of electricity. Geothermal plants provide electricity 95% of the time. This exceeds conventional coal and nuclear plant capacity factors of 74% and 92%, respectively. New Mexico has a near-term potential for geothermal power generation of 80 MW, and an estimated resource of 350 MW.

“Geothermal resource potential exists in all areas of New Mexico for base load power using new technologies such as enhanced or engineered geothermal reservoir technology.”

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