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1220 South St. Francis Drive
Wendell Chino Building, First Floor
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 476-3310
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Louise N. Martinez

Division Director (505) 476-3315

Gail Cooke

Clean Energy Program Manager
Clean Fuels and Efficient Transportation
Agriculture Biomass Tax Credit

(505) 476-3496
Mark Gaiser

Clean Energy Program Manager
Residential Solar Tax Credit

Solar Energy
Waste Not - Increasing Energy Efficiency in Treating Wastewater

(505) 476-3318
David Griego Project Manager
Energy Efficiency - Gov Building Infrastructure
State Energy Performance Contracting
Whole-building Investments for Sustainable Efficiency (WISE)

(505) 476 3371
Rachel Herrera

Clean Energy Analyst
Energy Star Portfolio Manager
Geothermal Tax Credit

(505) 476-3251
Ken Hughes

Clean Energy Program Manager
Building Energy Efficiency (Schools and Local Government)
Efficient Use of Energy - Utility Programs
Sustainable Building Tax Credit - Residential

(505) 476-3320
Jeremy Lewis Energy Planning and Program Bureau Chief
State Energy Program
Energy Storage
(505) 476-3319
Connie Romero Administrative Coordinator (505) 476-3314
Teresa Sandoval Grants Manager (505) 476-3324
Eletha Trujillo

WIPP Program Coordinator - WIPP website

(505) 476-3224
Harold Trujillo, P.E.

Energy Technology and Engineering Bureau Chief
State Energy Performance Contracting
Clean Energy Revenue Bond Program
Geothermal Energy and Incentives
Energy Efficiency - Gov Building Infrastructure
Sustainable Building Tax Credit - Commercial

(505) 476-3372

Erica Velarde, P.E. Clean Energy Program Manager
Local Energy Efficiency Performance (LEEP)
Whole-building Investments for Sustainable Efficiency (WISE)
Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit
Wind Energy
(505) 476-3313
Daren Zigich, P.E.

Engineering Technology Program Manager
Energy Roadmap
Water/Energy Nexus

(505) 476-3323





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