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1220 South St. Francis Drive
Wendell Chino Building, First Floor
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 476-3310
Fax: (505) 476-3322

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Louise N. Martinez

Division Director (505) 476-3315

Gail Cooke

Clean Energy Program Manager
Clean Fuels and Efficient Transportation
Agriculture Biomass Tax Credit

(505) 476-3496
Mark Gaiser

Clean Energy Program Manager
Residential Solar Tax Credit

Solar Energy
Waste Not - Increasing Energy Efficiency in Treating Wastewater

(505) 476-3318
David Griego

Project Manager
Energy Efficiency - Gov Building Infrastructure
State Energy Performance Contracting
Whole-building Investments for Sustainable Efficiency (WISE)

Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit

(505) 476 3371
Ken Hughes

Clean Energy Program Manager
Building Energy Efficiency (Schools and Local Government)
Efficient Use of Energy - Utility Programs
Sustainable Building Tax Credit - Residential

(505) 476-3320
Jeremy Lewis Energy Planning and Program Bureau Chief
State Energy Program
Energy Storage
(505) 476-3319
Xavier Rodriguez Fiscal Officer (505) 476-3315
Connie Romero Administrative Coordinator (505) 476-3314
Teresa Sandoval Grants Manager (505) 476-3324
Eletha Trujillo

WIPP Program Coordinator - WIPP website

(505) 476-3224
Harold Trujillo, P.E.

Energy Technology and Engineering Bureau Chief
State Energy Performance Contracting
Clean Energy Revenue Bond Program
Geothermal and Wind Energy and Incentives
Energy Efficiency - Gov Building Infrastructure
Sustainable Building Tax Credit - Commercial

(505) 476-3372

Daren Zigich, P.E.

Engineering Technology Program Manager
Energy Roadmap
Water/Energy Nexus

(505) 476-3323





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