New Mexico Energy Roadmap Project 2017-2027

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Purpose: To Strengthen and Diversify a New Mexico Energy Economy that is Resilient to Global Changes

Project Summary: Following the release of the 2015 New Mexico State Energy Policy and Implementation Plan, staff at the Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department's (EMNRD) Energy Conservation and Management Division (ECMD) began to look for ways to enact specific objectives called out in the plan. However, the 2015 plan lacked clear strategies and direction for reaching the desired objectives. Therefore, in 2016, the ECMD applied for and received financial support from the U.S. Department of Energy to fund the development of an Energy Roadmap that defines a direction and sequence of strategies required to strengthen and diversify a New Mexico energy economy that is resilient to global changes.

To create such a roadmap, the ECMD assembled a steering committee made up of energy stakeholders that represented energy producers, large energy users, regulators, transportation interests, local and regional governments and energy advocates. In all more than 50 energy stakeholders, each bringing with them expertise in specific energy disciplines, engaged in networking, information sharing, debate and compromise to develop the New Mexico Energy Roadmap.

                       nm energy roadmap                            Timeline

Development of the Energy Roadmap is only the beginning of a decade long process of implementing changes to energy policies and practices at both the public and private level. The strategies and goals of the Energy Roadmap recognize and aim to address on common reality; the way the state produces, and uses energy must preemptively adapt to global energy developments. Thus, the Energy Roadmap strives to increase, renewable energy deployment, energy efficiency, alternative transportation and energy education and workforce, while also supporting new opportunities for the state's vast conventional energy sectors.

Flow chart energy road mapTo assist steering committee members understand the full picture of New Mexico's current energy economy, during the development of the Energy Roadmap, a New Mexico Energy Baseline report was created. The Baseline information provided a starting point for the steering committee's development of four hypothetical short stories - or scenarios - each describing a different future of New Mexico's energy economy. The stories were developed through a process called "scenario planning" - drawing heavily from the viewpoints of steering committee members. The scenarios were based on two primary factors: the level of economic vitality (high or low) and the level of innovation (high or low).

Development of the Scenarios and Baseline data informed the steering committee and provided a vision or direction towards the development of the Energy Roadmap.

NM Energy Roadmap Scenarios          NM Energy Roadmap 2018 Baseline Update

Although the Scenarios recorded in this document are for historical reference, the Baseline data included in the appendix will remain a living document that will be annually updated and used to inform the public and track impacts related to the implementation of the Energy Roadmap.

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