New Mexico Energy Roadmap Project 2017-18

Daren Zigich
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Goal: The Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) and stakeholders will craft a state energy roadmap for the future of energy production, distribution, efficiency and usage that builds on the 2015 New Mexico Energy Policy and Implementation Plan. The Roadmap will define the steps needed to move to a more diverse energy portfolio while improving economic outcomes for New Mexico.

The New Mexico Energy Roadmap project and subsequent activities will be organized by the EMNRD with the cooperation and support of state and local government agencies, representatives from all of the energy sector industries, and diverse energy professionals poised to contribute constructively to the New Mexico Energy Roadmap.
Energy Roadmap Flowchart

The Roadmap project will define what steps are needed on a state-wide level to implement the current state Energy Policy and achieve a diverse energy, economically viable future. The New Mexico Energy Roadmap project will implement a series of technical evaluations, stakeholder engagements, and coordinated Agency strategies using a scenario-based planning process to craft and implement a cohesive and effective energy roadmap for New Mexico. The project will be used to identify and evaluate how to integrate New Mexico’s vast energy resources, transmission system limitations and opportunities, economic development and energy efficiency. This evaluation will consider current and future environmental requirements, policies, supply, demand and resiliency. The New Mexico Energy Roadmap aims to establish an energy path forward that combines a sustained economic viability with innovation to achieve a diverse energy framework.

Working Group Activities:

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