Carbonate Hill Mine Safeguard Project

The Carbonate Hill Mine Safeguard Project is located approximately five miles southwest of Road Forks in Hidalgo County, New Mexico. The project area lies on public land in portions of Sections 34 and 35, Township 24 South, Range 21 West and Section 3, Township 25 South, Range 21 West, New Mexico Principal Meridian.

This project involves the following work:

Backfilling of six shafts, one adit and one pit using mine waste material
Construction of bat closures in two adits placed inside a corrugated steel pipe culverts;
Construction of a bat cupola with corrugated steel pipe riser and polyurethane foam plug at one shaft;
Construction of bat cupola on concrete footings at four mine shaft openings;
Construction of one vertical bat gate at one mine shaft opening
Construction of a polyurethane foam plug at one mine opening;
Seeding of all areas disturbed by construction.

At least two bat species use many of the mine features for night roosting, hibernation and maternity activity. These species include Corynorhinus townsendii and Myotis ciliolabrum.


Sealed bid opening:
ITB No. 90-521-00-04813
DATE: June 5, 2009

DATE: May 21, 2009


BID DOCUMENT - Please follow instructions below:
1. Please READ all information in project manual before submitting a bid.
2. Upon entering all your data into form do a "SAVE AS" and save into your computer if you wish to save document.
3. To print click on the FILE tab then arrow down to PRINT.
4. Sign form and mail to:
General Services Department
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P.O. Box 6850
Santa Fe, NM 87502
(505) 827-0472

NOTE: Administrative questions and/or comments contact:
Dina Vigil @ 505.476.3430 or e-mail
Technical questions and/or comments contact:
Mike Tompson @ 505.476.3427 or e-mail

Project Manual: Click Here
Project Drawings
Location information (Figs. 2 and 3) not available to the general public:
Figure 1 - Title Sheet Figure 10 - AML 9: Main Shaft Bat Cupola
Figure 2 - General Site Location Overview Figure 11 - AML 11 & 12 Cupola and PUF Plug
Figure 3 - Site Locations Figure 12 - AML 11 Cupola Details
Figure 4 - AML 2 & 4: Bat Cupolas Figure 13 - AML 13 Airflow Closure
Figure 5 - AML 2 & 4: Plan Views Figure 14 - AML 15 Bat and Owl Cupola
Figure 6 - AML 2, 4, 9, 15: Structure Details Figure 15 - Octagonal Removable Hatch Details
Figure 7 - AML 3: Declined Culvert w/ Bat Gate Figure 16 - Removable Crossbar Lock Details
Figure 8 - AML 3 & 6 Bat Gate Details Figure 17 - Shaft Backfill Designs
Figure 9 - AML 6 Angled Culvert with Bat Gate
Year Completed:
Project Engineer
: Mike Tompson, P.E.
Project Manager: Lloyd Moiola
Relevant Map: General Site Location Map

Before and After Images of the Project: Click Here

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