Lordsburg II - Gore Canyon Mine Safeguard Project

The Lordsburg II – Gore Canyon Mine Safeguard Project was located in an area beginning approximately one and one-half miles south and extending to approximately seven miles south of Lordsburg in Hidalgo County. Additionally, four features were located at the Gary exit from Interstate 10 approximately seven miles west of Lordsburg. The project site consisted of 80 shafts (features greater than 12 feet in depth), 28 prospect pits (features less than or equal to 12 feet in depth), three adits, two stopes, and one shaft/stope combination, all of which were dangerous to the public. Approximately one-quarter, 29, of the features were on private property. The remaining 84 features were on BLM and state lands. The work of this project was scattered over an area of approximately ten square miles.

The work of this project consisted of:

  • backfilling with mine waste rock one shaft/stope combination, two stopes, two adits, 28 prospect pits (less than or equal to 12 feet in depth), and 75 shafts (greater than 12 feet in depth);
  • fabricating and installing, at one shaft, one eight inch diameter by 160 feet long well casing and backfilling with waste rock and screened rock;
  • construction of one bat grate adit closure;
  • construction of one grated bat ventilation shaft closure;
  • construction of two bat and owl cupola shaft closure;
  • construction of one steel picket fence shaft closure, and
  • seeding of all disturbed areas.

The contractor was Runyan Construction Company based in Silver City, NM.

Year Completed: 2002
Cost: $104,475.44
Project Engineer: Richard Stafford
Project Manager: Raymond Rodarte

Before and After Images of the Project



AML 33
AML 33 pre-construction
Safeguarded shaft with bat cupola.  Perches are intended for barn owls that were using the mine feature.
AML 146
AML 146 before construction AML 146 post construction (owl habitat)
AML 150
AML 150 - Culvert with a bat gate inside

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