MARP - Annual Report to the Mining Commission

Part 13 of the New Mexico Mining Act Rules requires that an annual report be provided to the Mining Commission. The report is to contain a general description of mining operations, reclamation practices and production figures associated with the mining operations regulated by the New Mexico Mining Act. Subparagraph B of NMAC states that the report shall include proposed amendments to the Rules, if any.

The annual report identifies activities related to the permitting and regulation of mines under the Mining Act. It also provides tables identifying all mining operations having obtained or submitted a permit under the Mining Act Reclamation Program since its inception in 1994. The report discusses production figures for New Mexico mines, by commodity, produced during the previous calendar year, which is the most recent year that statistics are available. The production figures provide statistics from all mines reporting in New Mexico, not just those regulated under the Mining Act. The report discusses reclamation activities and practices related to specific mines in the State of New Mexico. The statistics addressing reclaimed and unreclaimed acreage in this section originate from data provided to the Mining and Minerals Division by the mine operators.

Annual Reports Annual Report Presentations
2017 Report n/a
2016 Report 2016 Report Presentation to Commissioners
2015 Report 2015 Report Presentation to Commissioners
2014 Report 2014 Report Presentation to Commissioners
2013 Report 2013 Report Presentation to Commissioners
2011-2012 Report 2011-2012 Report Presentation to Commissioners
2011 Report n/a
2010 Report 2010 Report Presentation to Commissioners
2009 Report 2009 Report Presentation to Commissioners
2008 Report 2008 Report Presentation to Commissioners
2007 Report n/a
2006 Report n/a
2005 Report n/a
2004 Report
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