LAC Minerals Cunningham Hill Waste Rock Pile Reclamation, 2001
Freeport-McMoRan Tyrone Tailings Pond Reclamation
Chevron Mining - Questa Mine Goathill North Mitigation


The Mining Act Reclamation Program (MARP) was created under the New Mexico Mining Act of 1993 to regulate hard rock mining reclamation activities for all minerals except the exploration and extraction of potash, sand, gravel, caliche, borrow dirt and quarry rock used as aggregate in construction; the exploration and extraction of natural petroleum in a liquid or gaseous state by means of wells or pipes; the development or extraction of coal; the extraction of geothermal resources; smelting, refining, cleaning, preparation, transportation or other off-site operations not conducted on permit areas; or the extraction, processing or disposal of commodities, by product materials or wastes or other activities regulated by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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Contact Information

Holland Shepherd, Program Manager
Clinton Chisler, Reclamation Soil Scientist
David (DJ) Ennis
, Reclamation Specialist

Jennifer Johnson,
Reclamation Engineer
Kevin Myers
, Senior Reclamation Specialist
David Ohori, Senior Reclamation Specialist
Stephanie Rodriguez, Records Manager
Carmen Rose, Reclamation Specialist

(505) 476-3437
(505) 476-3413
(505) 476-3434
(505) 476-3436
(505) 476-3438
(505) 476-3432
(505) 476-3433
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