Mine Registrations and Permits

Mines Database

The Mine Registrations and Permits search application provides data for all mines (except abandoned mines) in New Mexico and is searchable by a number of parameter combinations including name, operator, owner, commodity, location and dates.


DEFINITIONS for Selected Attributes

Coal Mines Query

Coal Mines Query

The Coal Mines Query application provides data for New Mexico coal mines including location, various statistics, water quality samples, notices of violations, and more.

The mining operation information in the Mine Registrations portion of the search engine was collected under the authority of NMSA, 1978, Chapter 69, by the Mine Registration, Reporting and Safeguarding (MRRS) Program of the Mining and Minerals Division (MMD). It is the sole responsibility of mine operators to register any mine, mill, smelter, pit, quarry or other mining facility with MRRS prior to the start of operations; to notify MRRS of operational changes; and to accurately and periodically report data as required under the statute and attendant regulation. Information in this portion of MMD’s website is based on data that is reported to MMD by mine operators. While MMD reviews the reported data for completeness and accuracy, anyone using this information should be aware that it does not originate with MMD.

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