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Announcements and Notifications

Notice to Operators: November 12, 2018 Spill Rule Compliance Deadline
NOVEMBER 12, 2018 is the due date for all characterization and remediation plans regarding releases which occurred prior to August 14, 2018, as required by the new spill rule.
To avoid falling out of compliance on November 13, 2018 please contact Bradford Billings:
Phone: 505-476-3482
Please do not wait until the last moment. Remember that 11/12/18 is Veteran’s Day.

Notice to Operators – New “Spill Rule” in Effect:  19.15.29 NMAC.  Effective August 14, 2018 after several years of effort by the OCD, oil & gas operators, and surface agencies, those portions of Commission regulations concerning release notification and corrective action have been replaced.  This replacement provides specific and attainable requirements for releases that do not impact groundwater.  These new regulations do not change the reportable volumes of materials spilled, but do provide deadlines for addressing releases including a 90-day timeframe from discovery of a release for the impacts to be characterized or remediated.  There are concentration limits for both the characterization and remediation of soil contamination.  The new regulations establish minimum requirements for initial response, characterization reports, remediation plans, and closure reports.  There are explicit provisions for the deferral of cleanups, variances, enforcement, as well as for those release cases discovered before the new regulation’s effective date that have not been resolved.  The Division is initiating a process involving agreed compliance orders for those operators who have releases which occurred prior to the effective date of the new regulation that do not already have approved corrective action timelines or plans if the operator does not submit a characterization report with remediation plan or closure report on or before 11/12/18.  There is a new form C-141 (available on the OCD’s Forms webpage in both pdf and MS Word formats) to be used for initial reporting, spill characterization, remediation plans, and closure.

Industry training for the new spill rule for operators in  NW New Mexico will be held Thursday, September 6th from 8AM until noon in the Merrion Room of the San Juan College School of Energy at 5301 College Blvd. (SW corner of College and Pinon Hills) in Farmington.

Training for operators in SE New Mexico will be held on Friday, September 14th from 9AM until 2PM in Room 153 of the NMSU/Carlsbad Campus at 1500 University Dr. in Carlsbad.  Turn West off US 285 onto University Drive in Carlsbad, just North of the Lowes store.  Attendance is limited to 120 individuals. If the response exceeds the venue’s capacity, an additional training session will be considered.

Notice to Operators – New OCD Director Appointed: Heather Riley was appointed as Oil Conservation Division Director on Monday, January 15, 2018 by EMNRD Cabinet Secretary Ken McQueen. “I have known Heather a long time and believe she is particularly qualified to address the immediate and pressing issues at OCD,” said McQueen. David Catanach, the previous OCD Director, retired on December 31, 2017. “We appreciate David’s leadership as director over the past three years at OCD, and wish him well in his retirement,” McQueen continued. During 2018, OCD will focus on adopting new rules for horizontal wells and releases (Rule 29). OCD will also continue to collaborate with federal agencies to expedite oil and gas permitting on federal lands.


Notice to Operators: NMAC (Form C-115 Reporting).  The rule change will take effect on November 14, 2017 and will amend NMAC to the following: (posted 11/13/2017)



Notice to Operators: Organization Address Verification (posted 7/14/2017)

Notice to Operators: Test Allowable for Horizontal Wells (posted 5/16/2017)

Notice to Oil and Gas Operators: Oilfield Gathering Lines
The Oil Conservation Division has a mandate from the legislature to protect public health and the environment from certain aspects of oilfield operations and to prevent waste of oil or gas. (posted 5/5/2017)

Notice to Operators: Geographic Information System NAD83 Survey Datum Requirement (posted 4/3/2017)

Notice to Operators: Vented & Flared Volumes Reporting Communication (posted 3/8/2017)

Notice to Operators:  Prohibition of Certain Annular Additives for Use in Restoring Mechanical Integrity of UIC Wells
The Oil Conservation Division is posting a notice reminding operators of UIC wells who are considering the use of annular additives to seal wells in order to successfully conduct mechanical integrity tests. Please review the content of the notice. Failure to comply with the prohibition of these products in UIC wells shall result in the loss of injection authority. (posted 12/16/2016)

Oil Conservation Division Meetings for 2017 - REVISED - Click Here For Memorandum - REVISED
JAN 05,  JAN 19,   FEB 02,  FEB 16,  MAR 16,  MAR 30,  APR 13,  APR 27,  MAY 11,  MAY 25,  JUN 08,  JUN 22,  JUL 06,  JUL 20,  AUG 03,  AUG 17,  AUG 31,  SEP 14,  SEP 28,  OCT 12,  OCT 26,  NOV 09,  NOV 30,  DEC 21   ...   JAN 11, 2018,   JAN 25, 2018,  

Oil Conservation Commission Meetings for 2017 - Click Here For Memorandum
JAN 11,  FEB 09,  MAR 9,  APR 11,  MAY 18,  JUN 13,  JUL 13,  AUG 10,  SEP 21,  OCT 19,  NOV 9,  DEC 14

Notice to Operators:  The Use of Diesel Fuel in Oil and Gas Hydraulic Fracturing Activities
The Oil Conservation Division is posting a notice for operators who are considering the use of diesel fuel (in any amount) as part of hydraulic fracturing fluids for well stimulation. Please review the content of the notice and incorporate its requirements as part of any proposed well stimulation program that includes the use of diesel fuels. Failure to comply with the requirements for notice and permitting may result in enforcement action. (posted 7/28/2016)

Notice to OCD Online Registered Users: Changes are now in place to allow users to manage the passwords and information for their account. To reset a password, you must have a valid email address associated with your account. Please make sure you are up to date by checking with your OpAdmin associated with your organization. If you are an OpAdmin, new features are available to help you manage your organizations users. If you have trouble getting the page to load properly, you may need to remove the existing cookie related to our site. (posted 7/8/2016)

Effective July 1, 2016 regulatory authority over high temperature geothermal resources (i.e. greater 250 degrees Fahrenheit) while remaining within the Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Department, transitions from the Oil Conservation Division to our Energy Conservation & Management Division.  A link to their Renewable Energy – Geothermal webpage is provided below:

Oversight of low temperature geothermal resources remains with the New Mexico Environment Department’s Groundwater Quality Bureau at (posted 6/29/16)

Notice to OCD Online Registered Users: OCD will be implementing security changes for registered users who access OCD Online. The Security Changes are to ensure our systems are up to date with current security practices. Further information will be provided in the near future on what to expect from a user perspective along with how to get help if needed. (posted 6/23/16)

Notice to Operators: The OIl Conservation Division has been tasked to study flaring and develop a Gas Capture Plan with the ultimate goal to reduce natural gas emission. (posted 4/13/16)

EMERGENCY ORDER: Order No. E-42 Case No. 15487. Application of the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division through the supervisor of District II for an emergency order suspending certain approved applications for permits to drill, and for adoption of special rules for drilling in certain areas for the protection of fresh water, Chaves and Eddy Counties, New Mexico.

Presentation: Outreach Training. (posted 1/8/16)
Notice to Operators
: C-115 Outreach Training.
(posted 10/29/15)

Notice to Operators: Flaring Code Addition to Form C-115 Production Report. (posted 10/20/2015)

Administrative Compliance Order: Enterprise Products Operating, LLC, WQA-OCD-CO-2015-1. (posted 05/04/2015)

Request for Information: (posted 3/23/15)
The Oil Conservation Division is requiring all operators to provide information relating to wellbore(s) that have communicated with another wellbore(s) to the appropriate OCD District Office within thirty (30) days of this request.

OCD EXAMINER HEARING REQUIREMENTS: In order to streamline and expedite hearings and applications before the Oil Conservation Division (OCD), OCD reminds applicants that, ten business days prior to any examiner hearing after November 15, 2014, all applications and exhibits, should be submitted in their entirety. OCD reminds applicants to submit a proposed draft order with their applications. Any delay in the submittal of materials to OCD may result in the continuance of an applicant's hearing. By providing OCD with all hearing materials and complete applications prior to hearing, including a copy of any proposed affidavits and return receipts of notice, OCD anticipates greater efficiency in the application, hearing, and decision processes.

Notice: (posted 3/26/15) Tentative Decision Regarding Commercial Surface Waste Management Facility Permit NMl-60 for a Produced Water Treatment Facility in Unit Letter F of Section 27, Township 20 South, Range 32 East NMPM; Lea County, New Mexico.

Aztec District III - Request for Information  The Oil Conservation Division's District III Aztec office is requesting operators to provide them with information relating to wellbore(s) that have communicated with another wellbore(s) to the OCD District III Office within thirty (30) days of this request. (posted 10-22-13)

NOTICE  OCD Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure Form Required (posted 10-01-13)

NOTICE of Re-use of Produced Water, Drilling Fluids and Other Liquid Oil Field Waste. (No OCD Permit is Required for Re-use of Produced Water) (posted 9-9-13)

PIT RULE PRESENTATION MATERIAL Power Point Presentation (Updated)

NOTICE to Oil and Gas Facilities and Operators Flaring Gas in New Mexico (updated 3-6-2018)

C 133 Processing: Please send C-133 forms to Brad Jones in the Environment Bureau.

TEST GAS ALLOWABLES - Operators may produce and sell gas encountered during drilling, completion, or re-completion provided that the operator has filed and received OCD district office approval of a Form C-104, Request for Allowable and Authorization to Transport, stating REASON FOR FILING CODE as “Test Allowable” and specifying the anticipated date of first sale for each proposed formation from which it will be produced. All administrative and regulatory approvals; i.e. NSL, NSP, DHC, etc., are required to be approved prior to producing the well.  (Click on the link above for more details and information)

OPERATORS WHO ARE SUBJECT TO PART 5.9 due to violations of an order requiring corrective action, or because they have entered into an order placing them under 5.9 until they complete corrective action. 

New Mexico Inspection of Public Records
Please submit IPRA requests to Florene Davidson
  (505) 476-3458.

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