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Environmental Handbook - PIT Orders

Orders issued by the Oil Conservation Commission (OCC) address specific concerns and only apply to the areas specified in the order. OCD Rules and Regulations, on the other hand, apply state wide. The following OCC orders address environmental concerns related to the OCD regulated facilities.

The OCD Rules and Regulations contains several state rules pertaining to Rule 8, Rule 710, and Rule 711.

Disposal pit orders for Lea, Chaves, Roosevelt, and Eddy Counties, New Mexico:

Order R-3221 - Tab 8a
Order R-3221-A - Tab 8a
Order R-3221-B - Tab 8a
Order R-3221-C - Tab 8a
Order R-3221-D - Tab 8a
Order R-3221 Exemption - Tab 8b

Vulnerable area of McKinley, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, and San Juan Counties, New Mexico:

Order R-7940 - Tab 8c
Order R-7940-A - Tab 8c
Order R-7940-B - Tab 8c
Order R-7940-C - Tab 8c

Amendments to Division Rules 8, 105, 312, 313, and 711 to prevent loss of migratory waterfowl in the oil field:

Order R-8952 - Tab 8d

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