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Environmental Handbook

Introduction 1
Delegation of Authority 2
New Mexico Ground Water Standards 3
Surface Waste Management Facilities 4
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) 5
Discharge Plan Guidelines 6
Refinery, Gas Plant, Compressor and Crude Stations 6a
Oilfield Service Companies 6b
Brine Extraction Facilities 6c
Geothermal Facilities 6d
Discharge Plan Application for Service Companies, Gas Plants, Refineries, Compressor, Geothermal Facilities and Crude Oil Pump Stations
Discharge Plan Application for Brine Extraction Facilities

Miscellaneous Guidelines

Hydrostatic Test Dewatering 7a
Spill Prevention/Clean-up 7b
Pit Orders 8
Order R-3221 8a
Order R-3221 Exemption 8b
Order R-7940 8c
Order R-8952 8d
Underground Injection Control Program 9
WQCC Rules and Regulations


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