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OCD Data and Statistics

The Well Search application produces lists of wells that you can download and provides a lot of information about each well including production, history, casing, completions, violations, orders, transporters, and more. 

For data downloads, please visit our FTP site. Click here for a description of data sets available for download.
The public FTP site has a data dictionary available for download.

DATA Link PDF/Excel Comments
C-115 Venting Data 2015 to 2020 (current). By District and year   X Updated 08/03/2020, Excel format
C-115 Venting and Flaring Data by Operator 2015 to 2020 (current)   X Updated 08/03/2020. Note: data on C-115 split into venting and flaring starting January 2016
C-115 Details by Month by Operator X   Updated nightly. This reports venting and flaring by Operator for each month.
C-115 Monthly Summary Report by Operator since 2013 X   Updated nightly.
OIl and Gas Sales by Volume by Year            X 2003 to Current 2020, updated 08/03/2020
Monthly Inspections 2018 to Current            X Posted 08/03/2020
Monthly Inspections Districts/Type            X Posted 08/03//2020
Stripper Wells- Gas 2019            X Posted 08/03/2020
Stripper Wells- Oil 2019            X Posted 08/03/2020
County Production and Injection by Month X   Updated nightly. Search for data by year for a specific county, all counties or by OCD District.
Frac Focus Data (Excel)   X Data from 2011 through 2019
Frac Focus Data (Excel)             X Data from 01/01/2020 to 04/29/2020
Production by Well -- Go-Tech Site X   Monthly

Statewide Natural Gas and Oil Production Summary Including Produced Water and Injection by Month (1970 to 2019)

X   Monthly
Statewide Natural Gas and Oil Production Summary by Month X   Monthly
Top Oil and Gas Producers 2019   X 2019, Updated 08/03/2020
Top Oil and Gas Producers 2018   X 2018, Updated 08/03/2020
Top Oil and Gas Producers 2017   X 2017, Updated 08/03/2020
Gas/ Oil Production by Operator 2016   X 02/26/2020
Gas/ Oil Production by Operator 2017   X 02/26/2020
Gas/ Oil Production by Operator 2018   X 02/26/2020
Gas/ Oil Production by Operator 2019   X 02/26/2020
Inactive Well List X   Nightly
Spreadsheets of Well Information - Go-Tech Site X   Monthly
OCD Well Statistics -- Well numbers by land status, well types, permits and pluggings by year.   X

08/03/2020. OCD well data by well type, land status, wells permitted by year and wells plugged by year.

APDs issued by Type per Year   X 08/03/2020
P&A Wells by Type and Year   X 08/03/2020
Weekly Activity Reports -- All X   Weekly
Well List by Operator X   Nightly.
Well Search by API (history, completions, casing, formation tops, violations, orders and production) X   Nightly


Permit Status (For electronically filed permits only) X   Nightly
Pool Codes and Names X


C-115 Gas Transporters   X


C-115 Oil Transporters   X 08/03/2020
C-133 Transporters X X 08/03/2020
Administrative Orders Issued 2020 X   01/01/2020 to 08/03/2020
Spills and Incidents (Search and Listing) X    
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