Capitan District - Fire Reimbursement Forms

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Fire Department Equipment Typing Guide

All forms are available in an electronic format or a hardcopy (pdf) format.
Please save the electronic form to your computer before filling it out.
Print the electronic form once it is filled out, obtain signatures and mail the form to the Capitan district office.
Fire Department Incident Report - This form should be used by the primary Fire Department/IC on the incident to report all of the incident information.
Incident Report (electronic)
Incident Report (hard copy)
Fire Department Response Report - This form should be used by all fire departments that respond to an incident and should be submitted to the district office as soon as the fire is out or once the department has returned to the fire station. For departments seeking reimbursement it must be recieved in the district office within 24 hours of the control of the incident.
Response Report (electronic)
Response Report (hard copy)
Fire Department Information Report - Please fill out and submit to the district office by January 31st each year if there are changes in fire department information.
Information Report (electronic)
Information Report (hard copy)
RMP Reimbursement Forms - These forms are to be used if the equipment is on an RMP rate sheet and has been ordered as an RMP resource.
RMP Equipment Reimbursement Form (electronic)
RMP Equipment Reimbursement Form (hardcopy)
RMP Personnel Reimbursement Form (electronic)
RMP Personnel Reimbursement Form (hardcopy)

Municipal Fire Department Reimbursement Forms

Fire Department
Electronic Format
Hardcopy Format
Artesia EF
Artesia HF
Capitan EF
Capitan HF
Carlsbad EF
Carlsbad HF
Carrizozo EF
Carrizozo HF
Causey EF
Causey HF
Cloudcroft EF
Cloudcroft HF
Corona EF
Corona HF
Dexter EF
Dexter HF
Dora EF
Dora HF
Elida EF
Elida HF
Eunice EF
Eunice HF
Floyd EF
Floyd HF
Fort Sumner
Fort Sumner EF
Fort Sumner HF
Hagerman EF
Hagerman HF
Hobbs EF
Hobbs HF
Hope EF
Hope HF
Jal EF
Jal HF
Lovington EF
Lovington HF
Portales EF
Portales HF
Roswell EF
Roswell HF
Ruidoso EF
Ruidoso HF
Ruidoso Downs
Ruidoso Downs EF
Ruidoso Downs HF
Tatum EF
Tatum HF


County Fire Department Reimbursement Forms

County Electronic Format Hard Copy Format
Chaves Chaves EF Chaves HF
De Baca De Baca EF

De Baca HF

Eddy Eddy EF Eddy HF
Lea Lea EF Lea HF
Lincoln Lincoln EF Lincoln HF
Otero Otero EF Otero HF
Roosevelt Roosevelt EF Roosevelt HF
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