Socorro District - Fire Reimbursement Forms

All forms are available in an electronic format or a hardcopy (pdf) format.

Please save the electronic form to your computer before filling it out.

Print the electronic form once it is filled out, obtain signatures and mail the form to the Socorro district office.

RMP Equipment Reimbursement (electronic)

RMP Equipment Reimbursement (hardcopy)

RMP Personnel Reimbursement (electronic)

RMP Personnel Reimbursement (hardcopy)

Municipal Fire Department Reimbursement Forms:

Fire Department:
Electronic Format:
Hardcopy Format:
Columbus EF
Columbus HF
Elephant Butte
Elephant Butte EF
Elephant Butte HF
Hatch EF
Hatch HF
Hurley EF
Hurley HF
Lordsburg EF
Lordsburg HF
Mesilla EF
Mesilla HF
Reserve EF
Reserve HF
Silver City
Silver City EF
Silver City HF
Socorro EF
Socorro HF
Sunland Park
Sunland Park EF
Sunland Park HF
Virden EF
Virden HF
Williamsburg EF
Williamsburg HF
Magdalena EF
Magdalena HF

County Fire Department Reimbursement Forms:

Electronic Format:
Hardcopy Format:
Catron County
Catron EF
Catron HF
Dona Ana County
Dona Ana EF
Dona Ana HF
Grant County
Grant EF
Grant HF
Hidalgo County
Hidalgo EF
Hidalgo HF
Luna County
Luna EF
Luna HF
Sierra County
Sierra EF
Sierra HF
Socorro County
Socorro EF
Socorro HF
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