New Mexico State Stewardship Committee

The Forest Stewardship Program provides assistance to owners of forest land and other
lands where good stewardship, including agroforestry applications, will enhance and
sustain the long term productivity of multiple forest resources. Special attention is given
to landowners in important forest resource areas and those new to, or in the early stages
of managing their land in a way that embodies multi-resource stewardship principles. The
program provides landowners with the professional planning and technical assistance
they need to keep their land in a productive and healthy condition. The planning
assistance offered through the Forest Stewardship Program may also provide landowners
with enhanced access to other USDA conservation programs and/or forest certification

New Mexico Forest Stewardship Committee

Each State Forester or equivalent State official must establish a State Forest Stewardship
Coordinating Committee, administered by the State Forester or designee thereof (16
U.S.C. 2113(b)). The composition of the committee follows federal guidelines for the advisory
committee. Periodic changes occur in agency representation as staff changes.
The Committee convenes at least three times annually to address stewardship planning and implementation
concerns and overall program coordination. The Committee’s primary functions are:

_ To provide advice and recommendations to the State Forester concerning
implementation of the Forest Stewardship Program, and other associated
landowner assistance and cost-share programs, including the Forest Health Initiative (FHI) program.

_ To provide assistance and recommendations concerning the development,
implementation, and updating of the state-wide assessment and resource strategy.

_To review and priority rank potential Legacy program conservation easement proposals for submission nationally.
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