Tree Farm - Philmont Scout Ranch Demonstration Forest


The Philmont Scout Ranch Demonstration Forest consists of 45 acres of ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and white fir forests.  Jeff Creek runs through the forest and along its banks grow cottonwoods, willows, alder and aspen.  It includes a self-guided outdoor classroom tour with learning stations for educating scouts in the summer time and school groups in May and September.  The Philmont Scout Ranch has agreed to sponsor this demonstration forest as part of their commitment to good forest management.

Good forest management is always a work in progress.  This demonstration forest will need additional harvests and thinnings as time goes on.  A forest is in a perpetual state of growth and change.  Recognizing the natural processes that grow and change a forest and working with these processes is the key to good forest management.  This involves a long-term commitment and a recognition that the job is never done.

Demonstration Forest Description  

• 45 acres of mixed conifer forest

• One-mile self-guided tour

• Learning Stations

• Four Timber Harvesting Methods

• Patch Cut Method

• Sanitation Cut Method

• Selection Cut Method  

• Seed Tree Cut Method

• Dwarf Mistletoe

• Bluebird Nesting Box

• Tree Ring Counting

• Pre-commercial Thinning

• Western Spruce Budworm

• Bark Beetle

• Meadow Management

• Snag Development

• Jeff Creek

• Skid Trial  


Map of Philmont Scout Ranch Demonstration Forest



Cimarroncito Reservoir

The History of the Philmont Scout Ranch Demonstration Forest

• March 2001-The New Mexico Tree Farm Committee received a grant to develop demonstration forests.  

• October 2001-The development of the demonstration forest stewardship plan.

• March 2002-Harvesting units marked for cut.

• April 2002-Harvesting activities begin.

• May 2002-Harvesting activities are completed.

• September 2002-The visitor center, learning stations and restrooms are constructed.

• October 26, 2002-Dedication of the demonstration forest.


For more information contact the Cimarron Forestry District Office - 505-376-2204 or email

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