Morphy Lake State Park (Click Here for Park Page)

Morphy lake

Open April 1 through October 31

Description: Spectacular 50-acre lake in the base of the scenic Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Totally surrounded by Ponderosa and White Fir and Spruce trees.

Directions:  From Albuquerque it is about 160 miles taking just about 3 hours.  From Albuquerque go 121 miles north on I-25 past Santa Fe From Albuquerque go 121 miles north on I-25 past Santa Fe and Las Vegas New Mexico to Exit 345 for NM-65 W.   Turn Left onto NM-104 W University Avenue and continue to follow NM-65 W. for .5 mile.  Turn right onto NM-518 and follow 30 miles to Mora. From Mora go seven miles south on NM 94 (Ledoux) and four miles west on a newly graded road.

Motorhomes and Travel Trailers restricted to 20 foot maximum.

Map: Printable park map (pdf)

GPS Coordinates for Park Entrance:

Water Sports: Paddlecraft, Float Tubing, Non Gasoline or Sail Powered Boating, canoeing, and fishing.  Swimming is discouraged due to fish hooks. All vessels require the use of life jackets based on size. Float Tubes require wearing a life jacket at all times. Be prepared for cold water immersion on this lake.

Lake Conditions: Ramp and lake conditions are usually accessible all the season. No gauge at the lake. Lake elevations reported weekly.

  • Excellent boating:  8,000 Ft. down to 7,995 Ft. Elevation
  • Good boating:       7,995 Ft. down to 7,993 Ft. Elevation
  • Fair boating:        7,993 Ft.  down to 7,991 Ft. Elevation

Ramps: 1    Elevation at top is 8,000 feet down to about 7,990 feet.

Docks:  None Several points to fish off of.  North of ramp is popular and the NW shore. 

Marinas/Rentals: None

Wind Warning Lights: None

Prevailing Winds: Westerly.  Thunderstorms common July/August typically in pm hours.

Fish Species: Rainbow trout and some German Trout.   Managed as a cold water fishery by New Mexico Game and Fish.

Special Boating Restrictions: New Mexico State Park Regulations 16.4 "Only vessels powered with oars or electric motors are permitted."

Service for Boats: None Closest in Las Vegas, NM

Recreation Areas Managed By: New Mexico State Parks

Land Information:  All the land around the lake inside the fence is managed by NM State Parks.  No trailhead available to the Pecos wilderness. Up to 2 miles of private property are between the park and the wilderness.

Information: (505) 387-2328 


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