Staying Overnight - Fees and Time Limits

19 NMAC 5.2
The secretary delegates concurrent authority to the Director as
contained in Sections 16-2-32(B), (E) and (F) NMSA 1978.

12.8. Anchoring a boat or vessel overnight within a state park constitutes overnight camping and requires a valid camping permit for the anchored boat or vessel unless camping fees have been paid for the towing vehicle. Anchored boats or vessels may not be left vacant for more than 24 hours without special permission from the Superintendent. Anchored boats or vessels may remain within a state park for a maximum of 14 days during any 20 day period unless otherwise posted or waived by the Director. Anchored boats or vessels must be completely removed from the park for six (6) days during the 20 day period.

Paragraph 12.8 does not apply to boats or vessels moored at concession operated facilities such as marinas or buoy lines. Such boats or vessels are not subject to camping permits and fees or time limits while they are moored at the concession facilities.

Staying Overnight/Littering and Waste Management

It's simple...Pack it in and out...including human and animal waste.

No person shall maintain or operate a vessel on the waters of this
state equipped with a water closet unless the closet is self-contained
and incapable of discharging directly into the water.

If you have a porta-potti you may check with the park for the location of the dump station.

If you have a marine sanitary device, all of New Mexico is a designated "No Discharge Zone". It is illegal to discharge any wastes at any time into any New Mexico waters. Check with the marina for it's pumpout system and your required connections. Pumpouts at New Mexico State Park Lakes are free.

Overnight camping is allowed in the State Parks System in designated
areas, provided that a valid camping permit is obtained. Persons
shall obtain permits upon entry with the payment of appropriate
fees (see 19 NMAC 5.6). All use of park facilities between the
hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. is considered overnight camping.

Check outtime (the time the campsite is to be vacated) is 2:00 p.m.;

however,  the camping permit will allow day use of the park until 9:00 p.m.
or as posted by the Superintendent.

Camps may not be retained and left vacant by the camper for
more than 24 hours without special permission from the Superintendent.

Campers must maintain campsites in a clean and sanitary condition
at all times. Campers must clean campsites after use and place litter only in appropriate disposal containers provided at the boat ramp. No burying of waste is allowed.

Campers in remote areas must carry out all supplies and refuse and dispose of these items properly in appropriate waste receptacles.


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