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The training courses listed below are offered as part of a program to prepare New Mexico communities to respond to hazardous materials transportation accidents, including those involving a WIPP shipment. These courses are available through the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, the New Mexico Fire Academy; and the New Mexico Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Academy and their subsidiaries.

Many of these courses can be provided at little or no cost to the local jurisdiction. More information is available by contacting:

Carrie DeAguero
WIPP Program Coordinator
Local Services
Energy Minerals & Natural Resources
1220 S. Saint Francis Drive

Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: 505/469-8750

Timothy Yackey
EMS WIPP Coordinator
Epidemiology and Response Division
Bureau of Health Emergency Mgmt

New Mexico Department of Health
1301 Siler Rd, Bldg. F

Santa Fe, NM 87507
Phone: 505/476-8251

Fax: 505/476-8201





WIPP Safe Transportation Orientation 

1-2 hr.


Hazardous Materials Awareness

8 hr.


Hazardous Materials Operations

24 hr.

HAZMAT Awareness

Hazmat Overview for Police Radio Dispatchers

2 hr.


Radiological Familiarization/Refresher Training

4 hr.

HAZMAT Awareness

Modular Emergency Response Radioactive Transportation Training (MERRTT)

8-12 hr.

HAZMAT Awareness

Hospital Disaster Equipment and Procedure Train -the-Trainer Program 8 hr. none
Hands-on Radiation Workshop, offered by NM Dept of Health 1.5 hr none
"How to Put on the Suit," offered by NM Dept of Health 2 hr. none
NM Health System All Disaster Response Training 16 hr. none

Exercise Design

8 hr

Independent Study IS-120

Radiation Management Consultants (RMC)

On-Site Hospital Training 

8 hr.


Incident Command System Overview 

for Public Officials

2 hr.


Basic Incident Command System (ICS 100/200)

16 hr.

HAZMAT Awareness

Advanced Incident Command System (ICS 300)

24 hr.

ICS Operations

Critical Incident Management Course

24 hr.

HAZMAT Operations

Computer-Aided Management of Emergency

Operations (CAMEO)

16-24 hr.

Computer Literacy

  • Refresher Courses are available upon request.

New Mexico’s Site for Public Health Emergency Response Education

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Other useful information:

CDC Guidelines for Handling Decendents Contaminated with RadioActive Materials

Radiation Emergency Medical Management Website

Contact Information
WIPP Transportation Safety Program
Coordinator, Eletha J. Trujillo
New Mexico Radioactive Waste Consultation Task Force
1220 South St. Francis Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505
P: (505) 476-3224
F: (505) 476-3322

Check NM SPHERE for course offerings

Contact: Tim Yackey at 505-476-8251 or

Hazmat Awareness and Related Courses/Exercises

Contact: Carrie DeAguero at 505-469-8750 or

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Inspection Training
Contact: LT Alfred Aguirre at 505-490-2547 - or





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