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Rio Grande Trail Commission - Commissioners

Cabinet Secretary McQueen Photo

Ken McQueen

Cabinet Secretary - Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department

Governor Susana Martinez has appointed Ken McQueen as cabinet secretary of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department. Mr. McQueen most recently served as the vice president of WPX Energy, where he also previously worked as a director, manager, and engineer at the company. In that role, Mr. McQueen managed the company’s assets in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, Colorado, and in addition, part of Wyoming. Secretary McQueen brings over 35 years of domestic and international energy experience. Earlier in his career, he was a joint venture engineer at Vintage Petroleum Inc., and a petroleum engineer at Amerada Hess Corp. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Tulsa’s School of Petroleum Engineering and on the University of Tulsa School of Petroleum Engineering Advisory Board. He is a former Farmington resident and holds a Bachelor of Science in petroleum engineering from the University of Tulsa.

Christy Tafoya

Christy Tafoya

Director - New Mexico State Parks

Christy Tafoya is the Director of New Mexico State Parks and is committed to providing safe and fun recreation and educational opportunities for the public while protecting valuable State Park resources. An archaeologist by training, Ms. Tafoya has extensive experience in park resource and program management. Ms. Tafoya holds a Bachelor of Arts in 1991 from Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA, double majoring in history and historic preservation. She received a Master of Arts in anthropology in 1997 from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces. Tafoya also served as President of the Environmental Education Association of NM and was a board member for the Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area.

Rebecca Latham

Rebecca Latham

Cabinet Secretary - New Mexico Tourism Department

In January 2015 Governor Susana Martinez appointed Rebecca as the Cabinet Secretary of the Tourism Department. With more than a decade of experience in advertising and marketing, Rebecca is a passionate tourism professional who has served New Mexico's hospitality industry since 2006. She brings a wealth of experience across all aspects of the marketing spectrum including economic development, strategic messaging, brand development, public relations, and communications. Under her leadership the Tourism Department is focused on building awareness and driving travel to The Land of Enchantment through the New Mexico True campaign, which delivers a 7:1 ROI at the tax base level (Longwoods Intl 2015).

Tom Church

Tom Church

Cabinet Secretary - New Mexico Department of Transportation

Tom Church was appointed Cabinet Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Transportation by Governor Susana Martinez in 2012. A career employee of the agency, Tom has served in multiple management and policy positions since 1994. He has managed the agency bond programs, quality programs, and is an advocate for performance management. Church has focused the agency on performance results and customer service. NMDOT maintains 30 thousand highway miles in a vastly rural state. The department and its 2,400 team members are responsive to the safety of the people and the betterment of the transportation system in New Mexico.

Fernando Martinez Director of Mining and Minerals Fernando Martinez

Director - Mining and Minerals Division

Prior to being named Director of the Mining and Minerals Division in 2011, Fernando Martinez held a number of senior natural resource positions in New Mexico state government. He served the Environment Department as Chief of the Drinking Water Bureau, and served the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department as Manager of the Mining Act Reclamation Program, and Director of the Energy Conservation and Management Division.

A native of northern New Mexico and a graduate of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, his educational background is in Biology and Environmental Science and Management. He has over 23 years of diverse technical and managerial experience in the natural resources field that includes work in mined land reclamation, water, and energy programs.

Toner Mitchel

Toner Mitchell

Trout Unlimited

Toner Mitchell was born and raised in Santa Fe and attended college in New England, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biology. He began his professional life as a staffer for a U.S. Senator in Washington, D.C. and subsequently worked as a hazardous waste consultant involved in the logging, agriculture, mining, and chemical industries in California and Alaska. He has also been a fly fishing guide for over twenty years on rivers all across the western U.S. Mitchell is currently the New Mexico Public Lands Coordinator for Trout Unlimited, and splits time between TU’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project, Western Water and Habitat Project, and the Southwest Native Trout Initiative. He is a proud husband and father, and his favorite stretch of river in the world is the Rio Grande from the Colorado border to Velarde, New Mexico.

David Griscom

Division Director for the Tourism Development Division

David Griscom is the Division Director for the Tourism Development Division of the NM Tourism Department. A life-long resident of NM, Mr. Griscom holds a BBA from UNM and a MBA from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, and has worked in economic development in NM for over 13 years. He serves on the Rio Grande Trail Commission on behalf of NMTD Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Latham.

Suzette Shije

Acting Cabinet Secretary - Department of Indian Affairs

Shannon Glendenning

Shannon Glendenning

Urban and Regional Planner - New Mexico Department of Transportation

Shannon serves as the Recreational Trails Program Coordinator for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. She is committed to facilitating safe, accessible, and fun recreational trails across the state that serve everyone. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Management and Protection from California Polytechnic State University, at San Luis Obispo and a Master of Planning in Environmental Planning from the University of Wyoming, Shannon has worked for small communities, taught undergraduate students, facilitated collaborative decision making processes, and served as an Interpretive Ranger for the National Park Service. She serves on the Rio Grande Trail Commission on behalf of NMDOT Cabinet Secretary Tom Church.

Legislative Advisory Members

Bobby Gonzales

Bobby Gonzales - (D)

Representative - District 42

New Mexico Legislature - Bobby Gonzales
Jeff Steinborn

Jeff Steinborn - (D)

Senator - District 35

New Mexico Legislature - Jeff Steinborn
Gail Armstrong

Gail Armstrong - (R)

Representative - District 49

New Mexico Legislature - Gail Armstrong
Sander Rue

Sander Rue - (R)

Senator - District 23

New Mexico Legislature - Sander Rue
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