Real de Dolores Mine Safeguard Project - Photos


Old Ortiz Mine (map circa 1868)
The Santa Fe Trail in 1845
Power House and McPhee Shaft, 1901
Santa Rosalia Shaft, 1880
Thomas Edison's Mill under construction in 1900, Dolores, NM
Dolores Mining Town
Flywheel and Foundation at the New Live Oak Mine, August 2007
Ortiz Mine Railroad Grade
Benton Mine
Benton Mine Shaft before construction (headframe not shown)
Benton Mine Shaft with polyurethane foam plug
The Benton Mine headframe.  AML stablized the headframe for public safety.
Old Ortiz Mine (Tunia Shaft)
Feature 4 pre-construction Pouring of polyurethane foam in the mine void
Tunia Shaft before construction
The polyurethane foam is covered with lightweight scoria.  The cupola provides a pathway for the bats to access the underground mine workings.
Ortiz construction design
Tunia Shaft with cupola installed.  The benches were constructed by the Santa Fe Botanical Garden for viewing bats exiting the mine at sundown.
Bat cupola at the Tunia Shaft
A view from the inside looking out of the bat cupola
English Mine
The English Mine before construction.
Constructing the polyurethane foam and vertical culvert.
Bat Cupola over the shaft
Old Ortize Mine (McPhee Shaft)
The McPhee Shaft before construction
The McPhee Shaft was backfilled and a steel cable net was installed in case of subsidence.
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