Sugarite Gob Reclamation Project - Phase VII

The Sugarite Gob Reclamation Project – Phase VII is located about six miles northeast of Raton in Colfax County, New Mexico. The project area (see Figure 2) is on unplatted public and private land within the Maxwell Land Grant.

The focus of this project is to provide remedial reclamation to better control erosion and sedimentation at a previously reclaimed gob (coal mine waste) pile in Sugarite Canyon State Park. This phase of the project includes the following work:

  • Construction of straw bale terraces, coir roll terraces, sediment barrier dams, coir bag gully packing and coir wattles with live fascines at Gob Sites A2S and A7.
  • Incorporation of wood waste, gypsum, organic fertilizer, compost, and mycorrhizal inoculum into portions of Gob Sites A2S and A7.
  • Grading required for access to the site along designated access roads and trails.
  • Planting of seedlings at Gob Sites A2S and A7, including planting hole amendments, seedling protection tubes where required, and maintenance and protection of plantings for six months.
  • Reclamation of specified access roads by installation of waterbars, and crusher fines paving where indicated.
  • Hydroseeding using an extended-term flexible growth medium at designated areas and areas disturbed by construction.

The Contractor shall leave project areas in as good or better condition than before disturbance.

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Sugarite Gob Reclamation project - Phase VII Specifications
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Sugarite Gob Reclamation Project - Phase VII Sugarite Gob Reclamation Project - Phase VII
Sugarite Gob Reclamation Project - Phase VII

Sugarite Gob Reclamation Project - Phase VII

Sugarite Gob Reclamation Project - Phase VII

Sealed bid opening:
ITB No. 00-521-00-05114
DATE: April 9, 2010

Low Bidder's List

DATE: March 31, 2010



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NOTE: Administrative questions and/or comments contact:Dina Vigil @ 505.476.3430 or e-mail
Technical questions and/or comments contact:John Kretzmann @ 505.476.3423 or e-mail

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Project Engineer
: John Kretzmann, P.E.
Project Manager: Randall Armijo

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