Cerrillos Gravel Pit Shaft Safeguard Project

The Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Program is soliciting bids for the Cerrillos Gravel Pit Shaft Safeguard Project (EMNRD – MMD – 2011- 04) located near Cerrillos, New Mexico.

This is considered a small construction project and the maximum bid amount that will be considered is $20,000 including New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax. The engineer’s cost estimate for this project is $12,100, including Gross Receipt Tax.

The scope of work will consist of the following:

1. Demolition and Clean-Up:
The contractor shall remove and dispose of approximately 144 sq. ft. of stand-alone wood flooring covering an open mine shaft located inside of a storage shed (built over the shaft.) The flooring consists of 2x6 wood joists, headers and blocking and is covered with ¾” particle board. All demolished flooring materials and construction debris shall be properly disposed of at the Contractor's expense at an appropriate licensed landfill. The contractor shall not damage the existing shed.

2. Construct and Install Protective Grating over Mine Shaft:
The Contractor shall construct and install two protective gratings over the mine shaft in accordance with the designs and specifications shown in Figure 1. All tubular steel and shapes shall be of 304 stainless steel with a mill finish. Submit to the project engineer mill certifications for all steel used in the grating prior to fabrication. All welding shall be consistent with AWS D1.6, “Structural Welding Code.” Field welders shall be AWS certified.

3. Safety:
The Contractor shall follow appropriate hazardous fall protection procedures. This includes proper lighting, barricades, fences, personal fall arrest systems, guardrails, covers, safety net systems, safety monitoring systems, and other protection as suitable for the conditions. Fall protection shall be in accordance with OSHA regulations regarding fall protection and requires employers to provide safety training for each employee who might be exposed to a fall hazard.

4. Bidding contractors must have a current and appropriate Contractors License with the State of New Mexico and provide proof of current liability insurance if selected.

5. The bid will be lump sum and include all work and materials necessary to complete the job and the bid amount must include New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax.

6. Bidders who are subject to the Pay Equity Reporting Requirement shall complete and sign the applicable pay equity form (PE 10-249 or PE250) and submit the form with their bid. Bidders who fall within the exception to the Pay Equity Reporting Requirement shall submit an affirmative statement with their bid indicating they are not subject to the Pay Equity Reporting Requirement, and list which exemption they fall under.

7. The Contract will expire March 30, 2012.

8. A pre-bid site visit will be held on Thursday, December 22, 2011, at 1:00 PM at the main intersection in the town of Cerrillos (1st Street and Main Street). It is recommended that interested Contractors attend.

All interested parties may mail in a bid, e-mail, or fax a bid amount to the Abandoned Mine Land Program, ATT/Guranich, 1220 South Saint Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505. At least 3 Contractors will be notified for bids on this contract, and one Contractor will be selected with the lowest reasonable bid. The deadline date for receipt of bids will be no later than December 29, 2011, at 3:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, please call John Guranich at (505) 476-3412.

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Engineers’ Cost Estimate

Post-construction Information
Year Completed:
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Project Engineer: John Guranich, P.E., Abandoned Mine Land Program
Project Manager: Raymond R. Rodarte, Abandoned Mine Land Program

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