Consent-to-Entry for Reclamation - Forms

In most cases, the Abandoned Mine Land Program needs the permission of private landowners and mineral owners before conducting reclamation work. There are two different forms that the Program uses, depending on whether the current property owner has ever taken part in mining activities on the property.

FORM 1 (revised Feb. 2013)
If you took part in mining activities on the property prior to 1977, use this form.

FORM 2 (revised Feb. 2013)
If you have purchased the property since 1977 or purchased the property before 1977 but did not conduct mining activities on the property, use this form.

Permission to Enter and Traverse form (revised March 2014)
To allow for entry in order to do preliminary clearance work such as reconnaissance, surveying and archaeology.

For more information regarding this process, please contact Lloyd Moiola at (505) 476-3429 or John Kretzmann at (505) 476-3423.

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