The Coal Mine Reclamation Program (CMRP) was created in the early 1980s as part of New Mexico's enactment of surface coal mine reclamation regulations under SMCRA (Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977).

CMRP regulates coal mines on all lands (federal, state and private) within New Mexico, with the exception of Indian lands. With a mandate to protect the public health and safety and the environment in and around surface coal mining operations, CMRP permits, inspects and enforces in accordance with SMCRA regulations. Another part of our mandate is to educate citizens as to their rights when they feel coal mining operations may be affecting their health, safety or property. A Citizen's Guide to Coal Mine Blasting in New Mexico provides information about one of the areas of public concern associated with surface coal mining.  


El Segundo Mine Phase 1 (2018)
Bond Release Application 2018 (49 Mb)
Public Notice

El Segundo Mine Phase 2 (2018)
Bond Release Application 2018 (61 Mb)
Public Notice

Lee Ranch Mine Phase 1 (2018)
Bond Release Application (45 Mb)
Public Notice

Lee Ranch Mine Phase 3 (2018)
Bond Release Application (30 Mb)
Public Notice

Ancho Surface Mine, Phase III
Bond Release Application, April 2018 (19 Mb)
Application Appendices (114 Mb)
Public Notice Phase III

Additional information:
Coal Mining Regulation
Notices of Intent to Explore - Less than 250 Tons
Blaster Certification Application
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Contact Information

James R. Smith, P.E., Program Manager
Linda S. DeLay, GISP, Geospatial Specialist; Ecologist
Andrew Monroy, Coal Inspector
Shann Stringer,
(505) 476-3416
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(505) 476-3418
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