Bayard-Niblett Mine Safeguard Project

The Bayard-Niblett Mine Safeguard Project is located in two separate areas near the Towns of Silver City and Hanover in Grant County, New Mexico. The project mine features consisted of five shafts and one adit all of which were dangerous to the public at large. The project area was comprised of private and county land in Sections 20, 29 and 30, Township 17 South, Range 12 West and Section 3, Township 18 South, Range 14 West.

The project involved the following work:

  • Backfilling of five (5) shafts and using mine waste and other nearby material.
  • Construction of one rock bulkhead closure at one (1) adit.

Maps and Drawings:
General Site Location on State Map
Site Locations on Regional Map
Rock Bulkhead
Standard Backfill Schematic

Year Completed: 2006
Cost: $12,319.38
Project Engineer: Mike Tompson
Project Manager: Raymond Rodarte

Oversight mine shaft in dangerous condition Oversight mine feature after backfilling.  The waste pile made up most of the disturbed area.
Open adit Rock bulkhead sealing the adit
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