Carthage Gob Reclamation Project - Phase III

The Carthage Gob Reclamation Project site consisted of various coal gob piles spread out over a wide area. The project was located in Socorro County approximately nine miles east of San Antonio, NM. The project area was located on private land in Sections 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17, Township 5 South, Range 2 West, New Mexico Principal Meridian.

This project consisted of planting seedlings at the gob piles graded and seeded in the Carthage Gob Reclamation Project - Phase II. A total of 1,370 seedlings were planted. They included fairyduster, fernbush, desert willow, apache plume, NM Forestiera, one-seeded juniper, and little-leaf sumac. Planting holes were augured at each seedling planting to encourage deep taproot growth. Straw wattles were placed at planting sites to harvest runoff and mulch mats and seedling shelters or protection tubes were placed at each seedling. "Dri-Water" packages were also used.

The contractor was St. Cloud Mining Company based in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Year Completed: 2001
Cost: $96,342.04
Project Engineer: John Kretzmann P.E.
Project Manager: Randall Armijo

Gob Pile 2 Gob Pile 2
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