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OCD Rules

Proposed Rules

Case 21834: Proposed Amendments to, and NMAC
Application for Rulemaking

Case 21529: Proposed Amendments to and NMAC
Notice of Termination for Proposed Rulemaking
Notice of Public Hearing for Proposed Rulemaking
Application for Rulemaking

Case 21528: Natural Gas Waste Proposal to Oil Conservation Commission
All information on Case 21528 the Natural Gas Waste Proposal can be found on the outreach and engagement tab.

These are proposed "final rules" and will not be effective until published in the New Mexico Register.

Natural Gas Waste Draft Rules - July 20, 2020
      19.15.7 NMAC Draft
      19.15.18 NMAC Draft
      19.15.19 NMAC Draft
      19.15.27 NMAC Draft
      19.15.28 NMAC Draft

New Rules

Case 21281: Produced Water Rule Changes Effective 10/13/2020

19.15.2 NMAC Amendment
19.15.16 NMAC Amendment
19.15.34 NMAC Amendment

Order of the Commission
Final Rules Approved by the Commission


Current Rules

For the most up-to-date version of OCD's rules or to investigate the rules of other New Mexico state agencies, please visit the New Mexico Commission of Public Records' official website via the links below:

New Mexico Administrative Code (indexed)

New Mexico Administrative Code Table of Contents

New Mexico Statutes

Oil and Gas Act, Chapter 70, NMSA 1978

Table of Contents of Chapter 70 Oil and Gas

Directions--New Mexico Commission of Public Records' official website:

NM Public Access Law- Statutes and Court Rules--Desktop- Click OK

Top Left- Click + by Statutes, Rules and Const.

Click + by NMSA, Scroll Down

Click + by More. Scroll down to Chapter 70 Oil and Gas. Expand for Articles

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