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Standards-based learning opportunities abound at New Mexico State Parks. Since 2007, the State Parks Outdoor Classroom Program has provided meaningful, hands-on experiences for 166,000 students statewide. With 34 outdoor classrooms across the state, and many cultural and natural resources, State Parks provide a safe, friendly environment for outdoor learning that ties to classroom study.

Like these students visiting the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park in Albuquerque, your students can spend time in fresh air and sunshine reconnecting with their natural and cultural heritage.

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The Kids 'n Parks
Transportation Grant Program is now closed.

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Education Guides

State Parks provide a variety of standards-based guides, tied to many benchmarks.

Teacher trainings are available for some of the guides, such as the Bosque Education Guide teacher training depicted here.

Downloadable Education Guides for State Parks include:


Park Education programs

Mesilla Valley Bosque
Provides curriculum based educational opportunities to several thousand local school kids in the area, we also participate in the State Transportation Grant program. In addition, we house the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Site (BEMP) student/citizen scientist site through a partnership with the Bosque School in Albuquerque.


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