Walking and Bicycling

ABQ Bike ShareWalking and bicycling provide many transportation benefits. These include:

  • Commute cost savings;
  • Direct benefits to pedestrian, bicycle, and tourism-related businesses;
  • Indirect economic benefits due to changing consumer behavior; and
  • Individual and societal cost savings associated with health and environmental benefits.

Experience nationwide shows that the communities that are most friendly for bicyclists and pedestrians have a mix of on- and off-street pathways that are connected and serve the same key destinations as roadways. Proper planning can encourage these activities by steering communities toward wide shoulders, sidewalks, bike lanes, and adequate and secure bicycle parking.

Bicycling and walking can also be connected to public transit systems to better achieve goals of reducing congestion and increasing transportation options. For example, the New Mexico Rail Runner has dedicated areas for riders to stow their bicycles and Albuquerque and other city buses have racks on the front to accommodate bicycles.

Bike Share Programs
Bike sharing programs, or networks of stations where bikes are publicly available for short-term rental, have been gaining popularity across the United States. Bike share trips are typically for short distances.

In 2015, Albuquerque unveiled New Mexico’s first bike share network, BICI, in the downtown area. Bike Locker at Rail Runner Station

Safe, connected facilities such as bike paths and sidewalks in communities encourage more people to walk and bike. Ways to promote pedestrian and bicyclist safety include road and pathway design features, speed and crosswalk enforcement, use of safety equipment such as helmets and reflective clothing, and educating motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians about their rights and responsibilities on the road.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation provides safety brochures for walking and bicycling in both English and Spanish.

New Mexico Local Government Walking and Bicycling Information 



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Additional Information
New Mexico Laws Regarding Bicycling (NMSA 66-3-700 through 66-3-707)
Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center


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