Informational Videos

Click on the pictures or the titles to view these brief informational videos produced with funding provided to ECMD by the U.S. Department of Energy State Energy Program:    (Videos will Download)
Biomass Flame
Biomass - Converting Waste to Useful Energy (3 minutes): Tour of a project using a woody biomass high efficiency, low emissions furnace to heat the Gallina High School in the Jemez Mountain School District. The project's goal is to replace fossil fuels with renewable biomass fuel, and remove and use dead trees and forest thinnings to reduce the potential of forest fires.
Energy Conservation and Efficiency - Why Conserve Energy? (3.5 minutes): America has just five percent of the world’s population, yet we consume over twenty-five percent of the world’s energy supply. This video is about why we all must make a conscious effort to conserve energy and use it efficiently.
Solar Panels
How to Invest in a Solar System for Your Home (3 minutes): How do you invest in a solar system, receive your federal and New Mexico state tax credits, and enroll in customer generation programs? This video will give you a brief tour of the steps to take to invest in solar.
Solar Panels
Clean Renewable Solar Energy for Your Home - You Can Do It (2.5 minutes): In 2006 over one hundred New Mexico homeowners invested in a solar energy system to generate their own electricity, heat their homes, or provide hot water to their homes. This video shows you why.
Triple biofuels pumps, Santa Fe, New Mexico
E-85 in New Mexico (3 minutes): This video is about the renewable fuel, E85, and the vehicles, called flexible fuel vehicles or FFVs, that can run on it. After taking this short video tour you’ll know: how to identify an FFV, what E-85 is, and where to find E-85 in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe corridor.
Building Green
Building Green with the New Mexico Sustainable Building Tax Credit (3 minutes): Thinking about building a green home? This video virtual tour provides guidance on how to build an energy efficient, green home or commercial building according to the requirements of the New Mexico Sustainable Building Tax Credit, and how to benefit from the tax credit.
Wind Farm
New Mexico Catches the Wind (3 minutes): Clean, renewable New Mexico wind energy is now powering our homes, communities and cities. This video shows why wind energy is going mainstream in New Mexico. (National Telly Award winner, 2008)
A BGNM-certified home under construction, used by permission of McGinley Construction, Inc.
Building Green in New Mexico (5 minutes): Buildings account for 50% of America’s energy consumption and 50% of the resulting carbon dioxide emissions that cause global climate change. This video focuses on green building and the State of New Mexico’s commitment to green building practices. 
Leading by Example
Energy Conservation: Leading by Example (6 minutes): The state of New Mexico has made a commitment to use energy efficiently in the workplace.  This video shows how state employees can walk this talk and set an example for others. (National Telly Award winner, 2008)
Dairy cow
Converting Dairy Manure to Useful Energy (4.5 minutes): Dairy cows in New Mexico produce over 2,000 tons of manure every day. This video shows how New Mexico State University researchers are testing a way to convert manure to useful energy and a high-value soil amendment.
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