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MMD's mission is to ensure the responsible utilization, conservation, reclamation and safeguarding of land and resources affected by mining.

By statute (§9-5A-4.D, NMSA 1978), MMD "shall enforce and administer laws and regulations relating to mine safety, coal surface mine reclamation and abandoned mine lands reclamation."



Office of the Director is responsible for division resource development, policy, planning, administrative and fiscal management.

Abandoned Mine Land Program works with grants from the federal government to identify, safeguard and reclaim (pre-1977) abandoned mines that present a public safety hazard or environmental detriment.

Coal Mine Reclamation Program regulates, inspects and enforces on all coal mines not on Indian Reservations.

Mine Registration and Reporting Program registers all mines, collects production and employment data on active mining operations, and provides statistical information on New Mexico's mining industry. PROGRAM FORMS: Annual, Registration, Suspension

Mining Act Reclamation Program (Hard Rock Mining) regulates, inspects and enforces on all hard rock or mineral mines from beryllium to zeolite.

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