What to Do - Abandoned Mine Emergency

Do not attempt a search and rescue on your own.
Mine search and rescue missions are dangerous operations, even for professional rescue teams. There is nothing to be gained by needlessly risking death or injury to rescue someone trapped in a mine. Valuable time can be lost by inexperienced, unqualified personnel in rescue efforts. Remember, all hazards are also extremely dangerous for the rescue team. The hazards should never be ignored.
Leave the search and rescue to the experts.
Call 911
, the local sheriff's department, local law enforcement office, or the Mine Accident Emergency Center at (866) 761-6039. These agencies will contact the State Mine Inspector and together they will organize and coordinate a mine search and rescue operation.
Keep calm, note the exact location and seek experienced help from law enforcement agencies.
Be willing to assist in the rescue effort ONLY when requested by the rescue coordinator.
Bureau of Mine Safety
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