CI002RE Mount Taylor Regular Existing Mine, Revision 13-2, Standby To Active Status

CI002RE Mount Taylor Mine
Rio Grande Resources Corporation, Grants, New Mexico
Uranium, Cibola County

01-2018 IPRA Request
12-2017 Approval
06-2017 Reactivation Plan
05-2017 Addendum to CCP
05-2017 Draft Reactivation Plan
02-2016 Public Hearing Documentation:
    Hearing Officer Report
    Transcript of Proceedings, Revision 13-2
07-2015 CCP Cost Estimate
07-2015 Addendum to CCP
07-2015 Mo-Se Treatment Plant Details
06-2015 RGR Commitment to Cultural Resources
06-2015 Site Plans to Add Mo-Se Treatment Building
05-2015 Water Treatment Plant Operation Manual
04-2014 Errata and Addenda for Revision 13-2
03-2014 Agency Comments, Revision 13-2
12-2013 RGR Response to Comments, Revision 13-2
11-2013 Revised Closeout/Closure Plan, Revision 13-2
11-2013 Revised Application for Revision 13-2, Standby To Active Status
10-2013 MMD Comments
09-2013 Agency Comments
06-2013 MMD Granting Public Hearing
05-2013 Request for Public Hearing
04-2013 Public Notice, Revision 13-2
04-2013 Application for Revision 13-2, Standby To Active Status
    Text, Tables and Figures
    Appendix A - Drawings
    Appendix B - Calculations
    Appendix C - Other Permits
    Appendix D - Ion Exchange Plant Design
  Closeout/Closure Plan (CCP)
    CCP Text, Tables and Figures
    CCP Appendix A - Drawings
    CCP Appendix B - Engineering Analysis
    CCP Appendix C - Technical Specifications
    CCP Appendix D - Soil Investigation, Radiological Investigation, Lab Test Results,
Original Closeout Plan Soil Data


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