GR002RE Continental Mine and Mill, Revision 15-2 Updated Closure-Closeout Plan

GR002RE Continental Mine and Mill
Freeport-McMoRan Cobre Mining Company
Copper, Grant County, NM

2018-05-23 Updated Closure-Closeout Plan Cost Estimate (May 2018)
2018-03-20 Scope of Work for Third-Party Review of Closure-Closeout Plan Cost Estimate (Mar 2018)
2018-03-07 FMI to MMD - Scope of Work, 3rd Party Review of Financial Assurance Cost Estimate
2017-09-17 Scope of Work for Third_Party Review of Closure-Closeout Plan Cost Estimate (Nov 2017)
2008-10 Work Plan for Predicted Continental Pit Lake Water Chemistry Following Mine Closure - Condition 85
  Work Plan
  Attachment 1
  Attachment 2
  Attachment 3
  Attachment 4
2005-08 Work Plan for Supplemental Ground Water Characterization
in Response to DP-1403 Condition 84
  Work Plan
  Table 1
  Appendix A
  Appendix A - Figures
  Appendix A - Tables
  Appendix A - Climate Data
  Appendix B
2018-02 Update to Closure/Closeout Plan, Revision 1
2017-11 MMD Letter, 3rd Party Review of Cost Estimate
2014-12 2014 Update to Closure/Closeout Plan
  Appendix A - Facility Characteristic Forms
  Appendix B - Earthwork Cost Estimate Summary Report
  Appendix C - Water Management Cost Estimate Summary Report
  Appendix D - Electronic Copy of Cost Estimates
    Water Management
    Operation and Maintenance
    Magnetite Tailings
1999-12 Baseline Characterization Report of Hydrology, Geology and Geochemistry
    Appendix A - Short term aquifer testing
    Appendix B - Impact analysis
    Appendix C - Water quality characterization study
    Appendix D - Geology and geochemistry
    Appendix E - General hydrology and water balance models
    Appendix F - Ground and surface water data report
    Appendix G - Preliminary predictions of water quality
    Appendix H - Updated prediction of water quality
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