Mining Act Reclamation Program (MARP)
Pending and Approved Permit Activities: Applications, Revisions, Modifications and Closeout Plans

Follow the links below to review Mining Act Reclamation Program pending and approved permit applications, modifications and revisions for exploration projects, minimal impact mines and regular mines, and approved and denied exploration applications. Permits are listed in each section by descending permit number.

Pending and Approved Exploration Applications

Minimal Impact Exploration (Part 3)
Regular Exploration (Part 4)

Pending and Approved Mine Applications

Minimal Impact - New
Minimal Impact - Existing
Regular - New
Regular - Existing

Denied, Withdrawn or Released Applications

Denied Exploration Applications
Denied Mine Applications
Withdrawn Exploration Applications
Withdrawn Mine Applications
Released Exploration Projects
Released Mines

Contact MARP Staff for Help

Holland Shepherd, Program Manager
Clinton Chisler, Reclamation Soil Scientist
David (DJ) Ennis, Reclamation Specialist
Jennifer Johnson, Reclamation Engineer
Kevin Myers, Senior Reclamation Specialist
David Ohori, Senior Reclamation Specialist 
Stephanie Rodriguez, Records Manager 
Carmen Rose, Reclamation Specialist

(505) 476-3437
(505) 476-3413
(505) 476-3434
(505) 476-3436
(505) 476-3438
(505) 476-3432
(505) 476-3433
(505) 476-3423

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