GR010RE Tyrone Mine - Regular Existing

GR010RE Tyrone Mine
Freeport-McMoRan Tyrone Inc., Tyrone, New Mexico
Copper, Grant County

04-2018 FMI Response to Comments on Updated CCP
12-2017 Comments on CCP, Revision 09-01
10-2014 Approved Modification 14-1
10-2014 Third Party Guarantee for Modification 14-1
08-2014 FMI Response to Comments
08-2014 MMD Additional Comments on the Tyrone Mine Proposed 9AX stockpile, Modification 14-1
08-2014 Hopi Tribe Request for Information Letter on the Tyrone Mine Proposed 9AX stockpile, Modification 14-1
07-2014 Tribal Consultation Request Letter, Tyrone Mine Proposed 9AX stockpile, Modification 14-1
07-2014 FMI Response to MMD Comments on Modification 14-1
06-2014 MMD Comments on Modification 14-1 Application
06-2014 Revised Figures and Tables, Modification 14-1
04-2014 Modification 14-1 to 9AX stockpile
04-2014 Permit Revision 01-01
12-2013 MMD letter granting Public Hearing
12-2013 Application for Financial Assurance Release, Modification 12-3
11-2013 Public Notice Documentation, Revision 09-1
10-2013 Request for Public Hearing, Revision 09-1
07-2013 Tyrone Closure/Closeout Plan Update, Revision 09-01
    Appendix A
    Appendix B
    Appendix C
    Appendix D
03-2013 MMD Letter Regarding Modification 12-3
02-2013 Replacement Page, Appendix E to Modification 12-3
02-2013 GRIP Letter, Modification 12-3
12-2012 Financial Assurance Release Application, Modification 12-3 (20MB)
09-2012 Reclamation Cost Estimate Update, Revision 09-01

Request for Modification Regarding Upward Migration Study

03-2012 Additional Information from FMI, Revision 10-1
01-2012 NMED Determination for Revision 10-1
08-2011 Public Comments on Revision 10-1

Permit Revision 10-1, Response to Agency Comments
Freeport-McMoRan Response to Agency Comments
Figure B3: Storage Space Section
Figure B4: Lost Space Section
Figure 4: Illustrative Section Locations
Figure 5: Illustrative Cross Section
Figure 6: Water Management Drawing

Fall 2010

Permit Revision 10-1, Agency Review and Comment Letters
The Hopi Tribe
Gila Resources Information Project
New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs
New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
New Mexico Office of the State Engineer


Permit Revision 10-1, Request for Agency Review and Comment

08-2010 Permit Modification 10-1 Administratively Incomplete Letter

Permit Revision 10-1
Cost Estimate, Interior Slopes
Cost Estimate, Pit Backfilling


Permit Revision 10-1, Modification of Permit Waiver
Cover Letter
Waiver Modification Application
      Figure 1: Existing & Proposed Waiver Areas
      Figure 2: Extended Pit Waiver Areas
      Figure 3: Proposed Interior Slope Waiver Areas
      Attachment A: Stockpile Interior Area Cost Estimate
      Attachment B: Mine Life / Economics Information
      Attachment C: Pit Waiver Area Cost Estimate
Application Fee and Public Notice


Permit Modification 10-1, Vegetation Monitoring

12-2009 Permit Modification 09-03, Partial Release of Financial Assurance
04-2009 Permit Revision 09-1, Closeout Plan Update
Closeout Plan Revision Cover Letter
Closeout Plan Certification
Closure / Closeout Plan Update (dated 10-11-2007)




Cover Letter
Cover Page
Closeout Plan Update
Plate 1: Mine Units & Facilities
Plate 2: Tailing Area Characteristics & Facilities
Plate 3: East Mine Unit Characteristics & Facilities
Appendix A: Design Drawings
Appendix B: Facility Characteristics Form
Appendix C: Earthwork Cost Estimate
Appendix D: Water Management & Treatment Cost Estimate
Appendix E: Additional Studies

Abatement Plan and Addendum
Comprehensive Cover Performance Evaluation
3X Tailing Annual Summary
3X Tailing As-Built
No. 1 Stockpile Annual Summary
No. 1 Stockpile As-Built



Stability Analysis & Study
    Pit Perimeter
    1A and 1B Stockpiles
    1C and 7A Stockpiles
    2A, 2B and 3A Stockpiles
    4C Stockpile
Borrow Source Materials Investigation
    Preliminary Report & Addendum
Supplemental Materials Characterization Study
    Interim Report and Final Report
Seepage Investigation Report
    Interim Report and Final Report
    Supplemental Ground Water Study
    Work Plan for Ground Water Modeling
    No. 3 Tailing Pond Assessment Update
    Tailing Transport & Deposition Impacts
    Sludge Handling Plan & Cost Estimate
    Work Plan for Surface Impoundments Study
    Process Solution Elimination Study & Response to Comments
    Work Plan for Feasibility Study
Discharge Elimination
    Mine Dewatering
    Municipal Sewage Sludge
    Sanitary Effluent No. 2 Dam
    Seepage from No. 1X Dam
    Seepage from Little Rock Mine
    Affected Areas Study
    Wildlife Monitoring Plan


Permit Modification 08-01
    Attachment A: 2007 Approved Financial Assurance & NPV Calculation
     Attachment B: Financial Assurance Current Dollar Reduction Cost Estimate
          Table 1
         Tables 2 & 3
Attachment C: Proposed Modifications to Financial Assurance Cash Flow & NPV Calculation
Attachment D: Present Day (2003) Financial Assurance Cost Estimate for the No. 1 Tailing Reclamation Project
Attachment E: Present Day (2003) Financial Assurance Cost Estimate for the No. 1A Tailing Reclamation

Attachment F: Present Day (2003) Financial Assurance Cost Estimate for the No. 1X Tailing Reclamation

Attachment G: Present Day (2003) Financial Assurance Cost Estimate for the No. 2 Tailing Reclamation Project
Attachment H: Public Notice Documentation
Attachment I: Electronic Files

06-2008 FMI Responses to Issues on Updated CCP, Revision 09-01
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