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Hearing Process

Both the Oil Conservation Commission (OCC) and the Oil Conservation Division (OCD) conduct hearings. The OCC conducts hearings on applications to adopt rules, cases involving significant policy issues as determined by the OCD Director, and appeals from decisions on cases heard by OCD. The OCD conducts hearings on all other applications that are not approved administratively.

Persons desiring a hearing must file an application. The application is set for hearing on a specific date, and notice of the hearing is published by both the applicant and either OCD or OCC. Persons desiring to participate in the hearing may file the appropriate pleading, and the public may attend the hearing. Following the hearing, the OCD or OCC issues a written order.

The application and all documents filed in connection with the hearing, including the written order, are posted at the OCD Online Imaging System

Hearing Notices

Continuances: Motions for Continuances of OCD Hearings

Hearing Guidelines: OCD Hearing Guidelines

Compulsory Pooling Applications:  Notice and Instructions for Compulsory Pooling Applications with Example Checklist

Compulsory Pooling Applications:  Clarification of Notices for OCD Hearing Guidelines


OCC Hearings

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OCC Minutes:

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OCD Hearings

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2021 Hearing Dates:              2021 OCD Examiner Hearing Dates

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OCD Orders

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