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Electronically submit C-101s (Application for Permit to Drill), C-102s (Acreage Plat and Dedication), some Sundries (C-103), C-145 (Operator Change), C-115 (Operators' Monthly Report) and HFFD forms using a very intuitive and powerful, menu-driven interface.

Under OCD Online, e-Permitting, Operator Data, the navigation has changed because we added new reports.  Please look for new options under Operator Data.

C-115 Instructions 2017
   -Excel Add-In Macro (32 bit)
   -Excel Add-In Macro (64 bit)
   -Excel C-115 Template


Browse, view and download over 4 million documents including: Well files, Well logs, Administrative and Environmental Orders, Hearing Orders and Case Files.

You can now search for Administrative Orders and Environmental Permit images by Unit, Section, Township and Range.  The OCD has not attached locations to all orders but this works for the ones that do have locations attributed to the order. 

Both of the above applications involve well locations: their unit letters, sections, townships and ranges.  To learn more about how these locations are defined, click here.

OCD Secure FTP Server

To access OCD's secure FTP server, you will need an SFTP program such as FileZilla, available for free from here:

Link to Filezilla Home Page

After starting the FileZilla program, enter the server address, username and password:

Host (Server):
Username: OCDsftp
Password: My#1Well
Port: 22

Note: The above credentials are for downloading from the SFTP site only.

Public FTP Site Access Here:

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