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Forests and watersheds are intertwined with New Mexicans’ lives.  The health of these natural places impacts our homes, our businesses, our culture, and our future.  Several years of drought, infestations, and wildfires have caused great harm throughout the state. Yet through careful resource management, community engagement, and productive collaborations, New Mexico State Forestry is able to promote healthy, sustainable forests and watersheds for the benefit of current generations and those to come. 

At New Mexico State Forestry, we are responsible for wildfire suppression on 43 million acres of non-municipal, non-federal, and non-tribal lands.  Another critical part of our work is wildfire prevention, collaborating closely with the public and partnering organizations. Forestry undertakes numerous mitigation projects to protect vulnerable regions from natural hazards.  For private landowners, we offer technical management advice, including tree care and pest identification.  Our division provides vital engagement through the Returning Heroes Wildland Firefighter program for veterans, Urban and Community Forestry, Conservation Seedlings, and our state’s many Firewise USA™ communities.  These are just a few examples of our outreach and services.

As you explore our website, we hope you’ll find ideas and information that are valuable to you and your neighbors.  This is an exciting time to be a part of New Mexico State Forestry, as we work to help to create a promising future for this place we call home. 

New Mexico Forest Treatments Map

Forest Treatments Map

This interactive web mapping application displays forest treatments conducted by New Mexico State Forestry and its partners. Forest treatments improve forest health and wildlife habitat and reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires in the wildland-urban interface by increasing defensible space around homes. These efforts help to ensure that New Mexico's unique resources are managed and maintained for generations to come. Click here to navigate to our Forest Treatments web map!

New Mexico Wildfire History Map

Wildfire History Map

This interactive web mapping application displays wildfire history in the state of New Mexico including statistical fires reported by New Mexico State Forestry, as well as large incidents that get reported annually by the U.S. Forest Service. Click here to navigate to our Wildifre History web map!


Report Cover Page
NM Rare Plant Conservation Strategy

Did you know that New Mexico has 109 plant species that occur nowhere else in the world?  In fact, New Mexico has the fourth highest plant diversity in the country! To support our impressive plants, New Mexico State Forestry has released the NM Rare Plant Conservation Strategy.  Most of New Mexico’s rare plants are considered so because they are restricted to very specific, narrowly distributed habitats and are highly vulnerable to extinction events. The Strategy’s intent is to help land managers, regulatory agencies, landowners, and other stakeholders better understand the status and needs of New Mexico’s rare plants and act in support of conservation efforts.
          Important Plant Areas Map

Important Plant Areas Map

Picture of Forest Trees

Forest Conservation Regulation

In the 1930s, the New Mexico Legislature issued a statute that recognized poor harvesting practices on private lands had a long-term impact on water quality, wildlife, and the economic stability of surrounding communities. Management mistakes had resulted in destructive wildfires, widespread insect infestations, and the sedimentation of streams and lakes.

Nearly forty years later, the first regulation was initiated (19.20.4 NMAC). Revised in 2002, this regulation sets minimum standards for slash treatments, utilization of felled trees, and stabilization of roads and skid trails. Doing so reduces the hazards of wildland fires, destructive insects, soil erosion, sedimentation of streams and lands, and advances the perpetuation of productive forests.

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Wildland Fire Program

Click here to learn more about New Mexico State Forestry's AD and Returning Heroes Wildland Firefighter Programs.


NMSF Wildfire Alert Email Service

Wildfire Email Alert Service

Stay current on active wildfires burning on state and private lands. NM State Forestry's Wildfire Email Alert Service is free and easy to join! Click the button above or the link below to subscribe.You will receive updates that you can access from your computer or mobile device.

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Fire Restrictions

Click here for any current local, state or federal FIRE RESTRICTIONS in New Mexico


Red or Green?

Red or Green

Fire prevention poster from the NM State Forestry Division.



Ready Set Go! New Mexico Action Guide

Ready, Set, Go!

The Ready, Set, Go! Program and New Mexico Action Guide build upon NM State Forestry's fire prevention endeavors. This inter-agency supported program and guide are designed to give fire departments and the general public practical, step-by-step guidelines for preparation against the threat of wildfires. Click the icon above for a downloadable copy of the New Mexico Action Guide (2MB PDF). The link below will direct you to the national Ready, Set, Go! Program page.

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Campaign logo for One Less Spark

In New Mexico, sometimes all it takes is one small spark to start a wildfire. The things we do during our daily lives can have an impact on wildfire. Click here to learn more about New Mexico's new interagency wildfire prevention campaign - One Less Spark One Less Wildfire



Living With Fire

Living with Fire

Helping New Mexicans live safely with the threat of wildfire.

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Bark Beetle Management Information


Click here or on the image to be taken to information regarding Bark Beetle Management Strategies (PDF)




Advisory Boards and Councils

Advisory Boards and Councils

New Mexico State Forestry participates in several resource management advisory boards or councils.Urban and Community Forestry and Tree New Mexico work with communities and numerous volunteers with tree planting on municipal lands such as schools and parks. The Stewardship Advisory Committee disseminates federal cost-share dollars to landowners who have met requirements in planning and implementing specific resource enhancements on their property. Forest Legacy provides a way for landowners to assure their property is not fragmented or cleared for development with a conservation easement. Any commercial harvest of 25 acres or more requires a permit from New Mexico State Forestry. For more information on resource management visit our pages on Forest Management, Fact Sheets, Seedling Program, Re-Leaf Program and Tree Farm Program



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