Primitive Site


Developed Site


Developed Site with Electric Hookup


Developed Site with Sewage Hookup


Developed Site with Electric + Sewage Hookups


Electric Hookup with Annual Camping Permit


Sewage Hookup with Annual Camping Permit


Electric & Sewage Hookup with Annual Camping Permit


Water Hookup

No Fee

• Camping fees are per vehicle, per night.
• For all other fees, go to the Fees webpage.

Navajo Lake Cottonwood CG

Reserving any campsites through the online reservation system will result in a $4 per day ($12 maximum) convenience fee.




Types of Camping

1) Developed Campsites:

• Site number
• Parking space
• Picnic table
• Grill
• Some sites feature shelters

2) Primitive Camping:

• None of the above amenities
• Typically a vault toilet nearby
• No designated sites
• Includes boat-in and beach camping


Typical Developed Site:

Navajo Lake Campsite

Primitive Camping:

Bluewater Lake


Campground Amenities

Vault Toilets – the most basic restroom, no running water

Comfort Stations – a restroom with flushing toilets and sinks with running water

Showers – some comfort stations feature showers



Campsite Utilities

Developed Campsites may feature the following utility hookups:

• Electric Hook-up (30 or 50 amps)
• Water Hook-up
• Sewer Hook-up

Camping at a site with an electric and/or sewer hook-up requires payment of the hook-up fee even if the camper does not use the utility.

Check the specific park "Activities & Amenities" webpage for the type and number of hook-ups available at each park.



Reserving a Campsite

• Most campgrounds have a certain number of campsites that can be reserved in advance on-line.
• Go to the Reservation Website
• There is an additional $10 fee to reserve a campsite.
• Campsites can be reserved 6 months in advance.


A green “Vacant” sign indicates that
the campsite is available for 1 night. >>



The red “Occupied” or “Reserved” sign indicates that the
campsite is not available because it has been reserved. >>



Specialized Camping

Group Camping:

• Camping areas for large groups, usually features a large group shelter.
• Requires advance reservation fee for the group shelter ($30 or $50) in addition to camping or day use fees for each vehicle.

RV Rally Sites:

• Areas set aside for groups of RVs, such as on a beach.
• Requires advance reservation fee for the area ($60 or $90) in addition to camping or day use fees for each vehicle.

Equestrian Camping:

• Usually a small corral is provided.

Walk-In Campsites:

• Intended for tent camping, the campsites are set apart from the parking area, requiring a short walk.



Stay Limit

• Campers may reside in a park for a maximum of 14 days during a 20 day period.

• Campers shall completely remove camping equipment and gear from the park for 7 calendar days during the 20 day period.

• The exception is at Hyde Memorial State Park – the campsites with electric hookups have a 7 day limit.




• Pet owners shall pick up after their pets and maintain the area in a clean and sanitary condition.

• Pet owners shall restrain pets on leashes that are not more than 10 feet in length.

• Pet owners shall not leave their pets unattended in vehicles or campsites.

• Pet owners shall prevent their pets from excessive barking, howling and making loud noises, so as not to disturb others.



More About Camping

• Quiet hours are between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am

• Campers shall not save or reserve camping spaces for others even by purchasing additional permits.

• Campsite check-out time is 2:00 p.m.

• A camping permit allows day use of the park until 9:00 p.m.

• Campers may not retain and leave vacant a campsite for more than 24 hours.

• Vehicles in the park between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. are subject to camping fees.

• Visitors may be required to pay fees for their entire stay in advance (rather than on a daily basis) for weekends, holidays or special events.

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