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Birding at Living Desert Zoo & Gardens State Park

Birds love our park. The interpretive displays of the many Chihuahuan desert habitats have proven to attract many different species of birds. Our exhibits often have shade and a water feature and this is a great attractor in the desert. Even the topography of the park appeals to birds and many species are seen slope soaring along our canyon sides. The park is on the top of a ridge that provides views to the east and the Pecos River valley, giving the birder the opportunity to scan the sky for high flying migrants. Many of the resident birds have been acclimated to people walking on the trail and provide excellent opportunities to observe behaviors.

Summer birds that can often be seen during a park visit are Mississippi kites, Painted Buntings, Scott’s Oriole, Cactus Wren and Ladder-backed Woodpecker. Rufous hummingbirds can be looked for among the many Black-chinned hummingbirds that frequent the flowers and feeders.

During the Spring and Fall many migrant species are attracted to our desert oasis and seek water and shelter on the grounds. The mild winter weather is conducive to good birding with the number of sparrow species increasing significantly.

The park maintains a Bird List of species seen in the park and it can be downloaded and viewed on this page. We appreciate being told of any notable sightings and are here to try and help you find the species you are looking for.   

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