YCC memebers built this fence at the Aztec National Monument Corps members from the City of Santa Fe YCC crew help with a controlled burn Harwood Art Center YCC crew create and install a tile mosaic at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

New Mexico Youth Conservation Corps

The Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) was created in 1992 to provide a process to employ youth ages 14 - 25 in public projects that conserve New Mexico's natural resources and provide community benefits of lasting value. YCC grants are open to government agencies, tribal governments and 501c non-profits. YCC participants learn career skills and work ethics, and receive training on a variety of job and project related skills. Many go on to gain full-time employment in related areas. In 2019, YCC crews are creating & installing public art; improving the resiliency and monitoring forests, wetlands and rangelands reducing fuel loads on forests and rangelands; improving municipal parks; building trails and many other projects. Time and time again, project sponsors remark on the positive cascading impacts of youth projects on the entire community.

The Outdoor Equity Grant (OEG) Fund, established in 2019, is a new program the YCC will be administering. The OEG will provide funds for youth up to the age of 18 for outdoor recreational experiences as well as environmental and climate education. We are laying the groundwork for this grant and expect to release a request for proposals in early 2020.


811 Saint Michael's Drive, Suite 206, Santa Fe, NM 87505 (Parking lot is off San Mateo; go up concrete stairs under the large '811' address; enter the building; first office on the right)

Sarah Wood, Executive Director. sarah.wood@state.nm.us, 505.470.3710 Mobile          

Kristine Sanchez, YCC Administrator/Coordinator. kristine.sanchez@state.nm.us, 505 988-9599                                    


Promote the education, success and well-being of the youth of New Mexico through the conservation and enhancement of the state's natural resources and lasting community benefits.


A New Mexico where Youth Conservation Corps members contribute to the quality of life of all New Mexicans.


Together we strive for…

  • Healthy natural resources and lasting community benefits
  • Instilling values of hard work and accomplishments
  • Promotion of education and training


We strive to be...

  • Responsible stewards of the state's resources
  • Positive role models for New Mexico's youth

City of Aztec YCC crew

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