Project Sponsors - Resources and Information

Reimbursements: The 2020 Administrative Handbook and the Administrative Webinar Powerpoint Presentation used in the administrative workshop are resources that guide you step by step on how to prepare and submit reimbursement requests.

Project sponsors are required to submit In-Kind Contribution Worksheets with their reimbursements. Invoice Worksheets are optional, but may be helpful in compiling reimbursements.

Reporting and Corps' Member Tracking: The Project Sponsor Reporting Portal is where project sponsors enter corps members' information, status reports and final reports. If a member of your team needs access to the portal, please contact YCC staff to get a username and password.

When entering corps members into the system, please include their t-shirt size. YCC staff will print out this information and send a t-shirt, sticker and iron-on patch for each corps members. If you do not receive your t-shirts within a couple of weeks, please send us a reminder or a T-Shirt Order Form.

Corps Member Survey: Corps members must complete a Corps Member Survey before they can be released from the program and accumulate credit towards corps members benefits. Corps members access the survey using the project key printed on the Certificate of Eligibility that is generated when project sponsors enter corps members into the reporting portal.

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