YCC Scholarships

The Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Commission offers a $1,500 Tuition Voucher or a $500 Cash Bonus to YCC members who have worked in a YCC project for 12 months (52 weeks) in a 48 month period (4 years).  The YCC Commission is allowed to offer a prorated amount based on a minimum of 32 weeks worked.

Corps members who believe they are eligible for a tuition voucher or a cash bonus must submit the following documentation to the YCC office.

Scholarship Request Form (pdf 290 KB; Updated 5/7/2018

Mail forms to:

Kristine Sanchez, Phone: (505)988-9599

Youth Conservation Corps

811 St. Michaels Drive Sutie 206

Santa Fe, New Mexico  87505  or

Email forms to:Kristine.Sanchez@state.nm.us

If it is determined that the Corps member is eligible for a tuition voucher or a cash bonus, the YCC staff will contact the Corps member and discuss the award process.

Note:  The tuition voucher is valid for two years and must be used at a New Mexico institution of higher education.  The Corps member will be required to submit proof of payment for purchases made so that YCC can reimburse the Corps member for those expenditures.  The tuition voucher may be used for; tuition, books and fees.

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